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Why Is Solitaire So Relaxing To Play?


Solitaire is one of the most popular card games. It’s a simple and easy-to-play card game that people can play on their own. The only issue before is that the game is a bit messy to set up since it will require you to place all 52 cards to play the game. But this problem was solved when Microsoft put solitaire on their PC in 1990. You can check out and download solitaire on this link.

Once it was on PC, people can start playing the popular card game without worrying about setting up the card deck and making a mess. The funny thing about this game is that some people don’t use it as an entertainment tool. An article from the New York Times mentioned that some people use solitaire as a way to teach others how to get used to using a mouse. Back in the day, it was a huge adjustment for many people switching from keyboard commands to a mouse.

So, playing solitaire helped them adjust to using mouse constantly. Though solitaire is just a simple card game, many people like playing the game. And one of the primary reasons is that the game helps them relax and be entertained. But what is it about solitaire that makes you relax when you play it? Let’s discuss the reasons in this article.


Why Solitaire is A Relaxing Game

A lot of people love playing Solitaire. And mostly its because the game helps them relax and destress themselves. But why is solitaire such a relaxing game? Why do a lot of people love playing the game if they are stressed out or looking for a way to relax? Below are some of the reasons.


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Solitaire is Simple, Easy To Play

Many people turn to solitaire to help them cope with the daily stress and issues that they are dealing with their lives. And what makes solitaire a good coping mechanism is that it is simple, easy, and quick to play. It’s easy to learn the mechanics of the game. You won’t need to spend even 5 minutes learning how it is played.

You can simply start playing it and you would soon pick up on how the game is played. That simple and easy-to-learn game mechanics is a big appeal to people who don’t have the patience to learn how to play a game. If you’re feeling bored or down, you can easily play solitaire. And you won’t even have any problem thinking about it.


Solitaire is a Quick to Play

But solitaire’s simple and easy gameplay is not the only thing that appeals to many people. It’s also a game that they can play quickly. Unlike most games, you don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes to play solitaire. In fact, most games will likely end in less than a minute, especially if the cards you draw are not the ideal ones.

This allows you to play several games within just 10 – 20 minutes. Though you won’t always win in this game, you will still enjoy playing it. The frustration of playing will actually contribute to you wanting to play the game as much as possible. And when you finally win, the joy of completing it far outweighs the frustrations of always losing.


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You Can Play it On Your Own

Another reason why Solitaire is a relaxing game to play is that it’s a game that you can play on your own. You don’t need to look for someone to play this card game with. You can easily play this game, regardless if you’re using a deck of cards, doing it on a computer, or on a mobile device. This makes playing this game easier since you can do it anytime and even if you are alone.

This is also good since some people prefer to be alone when they’re stressed out. They don’t have to worry about talking to someone or being with someone just to help them cope. They can easily play solitaire to destress and entertain themselves.