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Plants vs Zombies 2: The Evolution of a Franchise


If you love the first game, then you are in for a wonderful surprise in the second one. Why surprise? The sequel promises to be a completely different game with new features. Check out the evolution of the franchise in Plants vs Zombies 2.

The first Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game. It involved a homeowner who resorted to the use of plants to stop several waves of zombies. First released in 2009, this game was playable on computers and laptops. The iPhone and iPad versions were later available in 2010.

Plants vs Zombies garnered positive feedback within the gaming industry. It received multiple awards for its gameplay and musical score.

Thereafter, its sequel Plants vs Zombies 2 was released in July 2013. Australia and New Zealand were the first to enjoy the game. About a month later, the game was launched worldwide.

So how are Plants vs Zombies 2 different from the first installment? In this article, we will take a look at the evolution of the franchise.


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Plants vs Zombies

Imagine being stranded in your home while the zombie apocalypse erupts in your town. With the walking dead invading your home, you only have an arsenal of plants as your defense. This is your situation in the first installment of the Plants vs Zombies franchise.

In Plants vs Zombies, you have an array of zombie-proofing plants at your disposal. Peashooters are like your machine guns. Position them strategically and no zombie will set foot in your home.

You also get the cherry bombs. They do more than just lopping off zombie’s heads. These bombs will completely decimate every walking corpse in its immediate area.

Of course, the most recurring character of them all is the sunflower. It produces energy that lets you plant more plants.

Plants vs Zombies features five game modes: adventure, puzzle, mini-games, survival, and zen garden. The adventure mode is the frequently played mode, which consists of 50 levels.

As you progress through the levels in the adventure mode, you get to battle 26 zombie types. Watch out for the pole-vaulters and football players.

What happens when a zombie reaches the end of a lane? This is when the last line of defense activates. A lawnmower will run over all the zombies in that lane. But if a zombie reaches the end of the lane again, it can now get into the house.

Overall, Plants vs Zombies is a great game. It features more content than the other game titles in the same genre. Plus, it can be highly addicting.


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Plants vs Zombies 2

The sequel takes off after the events of the first game. Following the defeat of Dr. Zombross, the zombies fired another wave of attacks in the front yard. After their defeat, the player gives hot sauce to Crazy Dave for his taco.

Wanting to eat another taco, Crazy Dave wants to travel back in time. This is where Penny the time-traveling supercar comes in. But due to a stroke of bad luck, the gang went back 4,500 years into the past. It lets you in on an action-packed adventure where you meet and defeat the legions of the walking dead.

Fend off zombies from the dawn of time to the present in Plants vs Zombies 2. Pick your zombie-proofing plants and supercharge them. You still have the old favorites like the peashooter and sunflower. But you have new ones that can kick zombie butt big time!

What can you expect in Plants vs Zombies 2? It lets you battle across 300 levels in 11 crazy worlds, spanning from Ancient Egypt to the distant future. You get tons of ultra-challenging zones, mini-games, and daily events. And at the end of everything, Dr. Zomboss is waiting.

There are new additions in Plants vs Zombies 2. Check out Plant Food, which allows your plants to power up. And watch out for the Seed Packets, which can permanently enhance your plants’ abilities.

Plants vs Zombies 2 promises to be an exciting game. If you love the first game, then you are in for a treat with this one.