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The Best PC Games In 2020 Right Now


Many people love playing PC games. It’s not only a past time activity or a form of entertainment but a passion or even a sport. There are many PC games available to play, with some used for e-sports. This matter is also the reason why developers always make an effort to develop and release new games. With the producers continually releasing new games, it’s hard to keep up with the kind of matches that you should try playing or buying. Though PC games will always come down to preference, it’s always good to have some guide to follow. We’ll discuss the best PC games of 2020 so far. You can check out more PC games at


The Best PC Games of 2020

PC games come out every year, and this article will provide a list of the best matches available right now. The item didn’t just focus on the games that came out this year. It also includes games that were released last year. These matches are still relevant and considered one of the best today.


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Zombie Army 4 – If you’re a fan of killing zombies, then you should check out Zombie Army 4. It’s a third-person co-op shooter game where you and your friends shoot Nazi zombies. It is way better than the Zombie Army Trilogy, providing good customization options and a fun storyline. It also introduces a ranking system, which adds to the game’s challenge and intrigue.

Baba Is You –  If you are a big fan of puzzles, you should try Baba Is You. It’s a word puzzle game that has a logical part to it. In each level, there are text blocks that would form certain conditions inside it. You can rearrange the text blocks in any way to create a new rule or state in the game.

For example, there are three text blocks arranged in a line “Door,” “is,” and “stop.” It means the condition at that level is the door shut. If you move one of the text blocks, so they’re not part of a line, that condition is removed, which allows you to pass through the door. The beauty of this game is that the possibilities are almost limitless, and you can set the condition needed to win the level.


First-Person Shooter PC Games


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Apex Legends – If competitive multiplayer games are your thing, then Apex Legends should be on top of your list. It’s an online battle royale game that launched in 2019. What makes this game special, aside from being a free-to-play battle royal game, is that the game uses characters that have unique personalities. You don’t just choose a random character and make them unique through the gears and weapons that you pick up or purchase. You get to select eight different characters that are all unique, have special abilities, but doesn’t have an advantage or disadvantage against other characters. This levels the playing field and is going to be dependent on the player’s skills, abilities, and strategies.

Doom Eternal – If you don’t like competitive games but still prefer shooting games, then Doom Eternal is the game for you. Released in 2020, what makes this game better than its two predecessors is the fact that this game is much more intense and challenging. It will keep you focused on the game, especially as you progress further in the levels and start to encounter more challenging enemies. The game will challenge how you play shooter games, and it will likely take you several tries before you get the hang of how to defeat an enemy. This thing can give a massive relief after you accomplish it.


More PC Games to Play


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Journey To The Savage Planet – One of the new co-op adventure games that you can play today. This game is a short but surprisingly fun game that will make you play it again countless times. It’s a match that perfectly blends comedy with a crafting system that is not simple and easy to understand. Your role in the game is to scout planets and see if it’s habitable. Your goal is to collect resources, craft upgrades, and explore the world. You also occasionally battle against savage creatures. It’s a fun game that will keep you entertained.

Slay The Spire – If you are someone who likes strategy games, then Slay the Spire is the game for you. It’s a deck-building game fused with roguelike and came out in 2019. Your goal is to build a strong deck that allows you to defeat enemies. What makes it good is that if you are smart and strategic, you can create a powerful deck. Your deck doesn’t have to get balanced, but it also doesn’t mean that it is easy to build. If you are not careful, you might create a terrible deck that makes it almost impossible to win.


Final Thoughts

New PC games will come out every year. This thing means that you won’t run out of games to play, even if you are quick in finishing them. If you are looking for new games to try, you can try the games mentioned in this article. They are some of the best new PC games available that you can play.