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The Last of Us Enemies – The 10 Scariest Enemies in the Game


When it comes to some of the best games out there, The Last of Us series is likely part of that list. They’re action-adventure games that are set in a post-apocalyptic world where your goal in the first game is to escort a young girl named Ellie across the U.S. The Last of Us Part II focuses more on Ellie’s story, as well as her quest for revenge after Joel was killed by Abby. Everything about both games is just perfect, from the graphics, the storyline, the gameplay, and even The Last of Us enemies you encounter.

Since it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, you will encounter plenty of horrific and scary enemies. But not all of them are created equal. There are enemies in the action-adventure game that are just more horrifying than the others.

The Last of Us Enemies You’ll Encounter in the Game

In this article, we’ll look at The Last Of Us Enemies and identify the 10 scariest in the game.

10. Runners

The Runner is a group of people who are still in the initial stages of being infected. Fungus are not visible on them yet, but they’re very dangerous, especially if there are many of them. They move fast, and can also be traumatizing to deal with, especially if the Runner going after you is someone you know. You can deal with them 1-on-1, but if there are many of them, it’s best to avoid confrontation.

The Last of Us The Runners
Image Source: The Last of Us Runners


9. Clickers

The Clickers are the third stage of the Cordyceps infection. The fungus has already grown, making them stronger and harder to take down. But the fungus growing in their face makes them blind, which gives you an advantage. They rely more on sound, so any noise you make can attract them. Therefore, making them difficult to deal with, even if they can’t see. Make sure you maintain a distance when dealing with them and be mindful if there are more of them in an area. If that’s the case, it’s best to leave as quietly as possible.

The Last of Us Clickers
Image Source: The Last of Us Clickers


8. Hunters

The infected are not the only thing you have to worry about in The Last of Us games. There are also humans and many of them won’t be friendly or helpful. One of them is the Hunters, which are humans who are willing to do anything to survive. You’ll have to be wary of their underhanded tactics and deceiving behavior when dealing with them. They’re a good representation of the evils that humans are capable of just for the sake of surviving.

7. Stalkers

The second stage of the infection brings you the Stalkers. They’re scarier than the Runners and Clickers because they prefer to use stealth. Instead of immediately going after you like the Runners and Clickers, they will hide and wait for the right moment before attacking. Thus, making them harder to anticipate, especially in the dark. They tend to stick to walls or attack when you least expect it. They’re already scary but adding that preference for stalking, makes them a very terrifying enemy.

6. Rattlers

The Rattlers are another scary enemy human group that you’ll deal with in the game, particularly in The Last of Us Part II. At the outset, they look normal. But in reality, they’re a very scary group. They are in control of Santa Barbara, where they show what they’re capable of. They will kidnap, starve people, torture, and enslave them. They’re not even scared of the infected, as they will also torture these creatures just for the fun of it. It shows that they’re not just doing things to survive, they’re just cruel, wanting to show their power.

5. Cannibals

What’s scarier than evil people? Well, evil people who are willing to eat you. And they are the Cannibals, a group led by a creepy and easy-to-hate character David. What’s scary about David and his people is that they’re not cruel from the outset. They look normal and will likely even help out a little. But don’t let that fool you, and it’s something that Ellie picked up on quickly in the game. Their end goal is just to make you vulnerable enough to be captured and eaten.

The Last of Us cannibals
Image Source: David and the Cannibals


4. Bloaters

One of the hideous infected monsters you’ll encounter is the Bloaters. They’re at the advanced stages of the infection, which makes them large in comparison to the ones in the early stages of the infection. They have a strong fungal planting, which makes it very hard to kill them. If you don’t have Molotov cocktails or any weapon that uses fire, you’re in for a tough battle. You also have to be wary of their strength, as they deal huge damage and can tear you in half.

3. Shamblers

The Shamblers, like the Bloaters, are already in the late stages of the Cordyceps infection. They’re huge and covered in fungus, and they possess a unique and scary ability. Their fungus can burst out spores in the form of acid which can be deadly to you, especially if you’re close. They also possess a threat, even after you kill them, because of the explosive spores they’ll emit. So, it’s best to deal with them at a distance. Fortunately, they’re an enemy that you also won’t encounter a lot.

2. Seraphites

What’s scarier than infected monsters that only know to attack? Humans, particularly those who are members of cults. They tend to be creepy, fanatic, and always act without remorse. And that’s what the Seraphites are. They don’t care much about anything except for their rules and culture, allowing them to kill and torture without any guilt. They’re a big threat regardless of the character you’re playing and in both games.

1. Rat King

When it comes to the scariest enemy in The Last of Us series, probably no one is as scary as the Rat King. It will be the biggest and most hideous Cordyceps that you’ll encounter in the game. What makes it different and scary is that it’s composed of multiple infected people joined together. Their appearance looks terrifying and their big and scary appearance is not just for show. It’s a boss enemy, which means it’s also very difficult to kill. Hence, making for an anxiety-inducing and adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

The Last of Us the rat king
Image Source: The Rat King


Defeat The Last of Us Enemies by Getting to Know Them

There are many more The Last of Us enemies that you’ll encounter. But if you’re looking for the scariest ones, then just look at the list provided here. This list is created for you to familiarize yourself with their traits and characteristics. So play it now on PS4, Xbox, and PS5! But for more lists and guides like this one, stay tuned here in PlayPC!

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