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Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions – Their Classes & How to Find Them


In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter a group of characters known as the Companions. All Baldur’s Gate 3 companions are friendly adventurers who join you throughout your journey, each bringing their unique class, skills, and personalities that come in handy during social interactions or battles.

It seems that there are a total of ten possible BG3 companions you can collect. Some of them are accessible early on in the game, while others may join you later. There are even a few companions who might not join your team at all, depending on the choices you make and the outcomes that result.

Meet a diverse cast of Baldur’s Gate 3 characters including Shadowheart, Karlach, Astarion, and more. What’s interesting is that you can not only control your main character but also assume the role of any member in your party, particularly if you choose specific starting points.

Complete Rundown of Baldurs Gate 3 Companions

Currently the ten companions are divided into two groups, six are known as Origin characters. These individuals can be selected as your playable character if you prefer not to use the in-game character creator to design your own. The good news is that even if you opt for a Companion as your Origin character, the remaining Baldur’s Gate 3 characters can still be enlisted to join your team.

In the following sections, we’ll provide detailed information about how to recruit different Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, outlining their classes, abilities, and much more!


Astarion is a cunning character who values practical ruthlessness. He’s oddly fond of creatures usually seen as monsters and has a penchant for amassing and showcasing power. Astarion belongs to the Rogue class, boasting impressive agility and a range of useful skills. However, here’s a twist – spoiler alert – Astarion harbors a hidden secret: he’s actually a vampire, a fact he doesn’t disclose right away.

Luckily, due to certain story developments, he can tolerate sunlight and enter residences without an invitation. You’ll encounter Astarion to the West of the Crashed Nautiloid, where he’ll be in need of assistance. Despite some tense conversations, he eventually becomes willing to join forces with you.

baldur's gate 3 Astarion



Shadowheart is a valuable addition to your team, excelling as a ranged support character who wields surprisingly potent spells for both damage and healing. While her low AC and Dexterity make her susceptible to attacks, her repertoire of offensive, supportive, and healing spells positions her as a versatile asset.

As a devoted High Half-elven Cleric of Shar, a neutral-evil deity associated with darkness and the night, she harnesses illusion and manipulation magic alongside standard Cleric abilities. You’ll find her initiating contact near the Abandoned Ruins located at the far end of the beach where your Chapter 1 journey starts. In case you miss this encounter, she might later become hostile, but there’s still a chance to enlist her by engaging at the same location.

baldur's gate 3 Shadowheart
Image Source: Shadowheart Build, Location, Romance



Gale brings a vibrant and sharp-witted presence as a Wizard, valuing lightheartedness, peaceful intentions, and a penchant for steering clear of unnecessary violence. He’s all about maintaining a jovial atmosphere. With an arsenal of impressive spells unique to Baldur’s Gate 3, Gale shines as a dependable glass cannon in your party. Notably, he possesses the remarkable ability to permanently learn spells from scrolls if you cover the associated costs.

Position him towards the rear of your group, where he can unleash fiery and energetic attacks from a safe distance, thus avoiding direct danger. To recruit Gale, make your way to the Roadside Cliffs Waypoint located north of the Crashed Nautiloid. He’s trapped within a portal, and lending a hand will secure him a place within your team.

baldur's gate 3 Gale



Lae’zal’s unique attributes position her perfectly as a front-line force for dealing damage, offering a robust shield for your more delicate allies. Her initial focus on the Greatweapon Fighting Style grants her swift access to potent two-handed weapons, delivering substantial early damage. Beyond combat, her agility shines through her adept acrobatics, which are bolstered by her solid base Strength.

Lae’zel emerges as a formidable Githyanki fighter, her combat prowess juxtaposed by her snappy attitude and sharp remarks. Her skill set primarily revolves around dealing heavy blows through the art of stabbing. In essence, she’s all about the stabs. This simplicity makes her an excellent choice for newcomers seeking a straightforward Origin character, free from the complexities of other classes.

In the story, Lae’zel becomes your initial ally, joining you after a brief encounter in the Prologue. Later on, you’ll spot her suspended in a cage by Tieflings on a northern beach near the Roadside Cliffs. Picking her side over the Tieflings secures her alliance, but failing to do so means losing her permanently.

baldur's gate 3 Lae’zel



Wyll, hailed as the Blade of Frontiers, stands as a champion fueled by infernal powers. This Hell-powered Warlock upholds the values of classic heroism: battling wickedness, safeguarding the vulnerable, embracing moral integrity, and avoiding collaboration with villains whenever possible. In terms of abilities and attributes, Wyll emerges as a versatile character, encompassing a broad range of spells that allow him to fulfill various roles. His adaptability shines in his capacity to function as a utility and control caster.

Your first encounter with Wyll takes place near the main entrance to the Druid’s Grove, situated to the north of the Roadside Cliffs. He takes on a goblin assault as an independent AI NPC. Once the dust settles, find him within the Grove settlement itself, offering sword fighting lessons to children. Engaging in a conversation with him opens the door for his inclusion in your team. Remember, however, that if you align with the goblins at the Goblin Camp at any juncture, Wyll will bid farewell.

baldur's gate 3 Wyll


Karlach Demonsbane

Meet Karlach, a determined and fierce individual on a mission for retribution, all while seeking camaraderie and opportunities to aid the downtrodden. She’s also likely to embrace moments of Rage. As a Tiefling Barbarian, Karlach serves as a dynamic addition to your group, contributing substantial damage output and an enjoyable presence.

Her skill set boasts proficiencies in Athletics, Perception, Survival, and Intimidation, further bolstering her capabilities. In Chapter 1, you’ll have the chance to encounter her during a quest situated along The Risen Road. This fiery character is also an available Origin option, enriching your choices within the game.

baldur's gate 3 Karlach Demonsbane



Halsin is a Druid, and also a robust and determined Elf who leads the Emerald Enclave Druid Grove. Although he’s absent during your initial visit, he makes quite an impact. Halsin boasts an imposing presence, yet carries a kind-hearted disposition. He holds a genuine concern for all life forms. However, be warned – his patience might wear thin when faced with certain provocations, such as someone urging him not to transform into a massive bear and unleash chaos nearby.

The journey to find Halsin involves an intriguing quest. Essentially, he’s trapped in the Worg Pens within the Goblin’s Camp, assuming the form of a bear. Your task is to liberate him. However, he won’t join your party until you’ve dealt with all three Goblin Leaders, regardless of the approach you take. Once these leaders are neutralized, a return to the Druid Grove solidifies his willingness to team up.

baldur's gate 3 Halsin



Here we have a rather sinister paladin known for serving the Absolute, and this companion might remain elusive for many players. Surprisingly, she stands as one of the three Goblin Leaders. However, there’s an alternative path: you can choose to forge an alliance with her instead of resorting to violence. By teaming up, you’ll assist her in obliterating the Druid Grove, welcoming a fervent zealot into your group.

Minthara’s location is the Shattered Sanctum, positioned at the conclusion of the Goblin Camp, specifically in the library section. Don’t expect her immediate cooperation; to have her on your side, you must collaborate to annihilate the Emerald Enclave. Once the druids meet their end, a goblin-themed celebration will herald her alignment with your party. It’s important to note that this decision will permanently alienate Wyll from your cause, and Halsin won’t be an available member.

baldur's gate 3 Minthara


Jaheira & Minsc

As of now, there are only minor details regarding Minsc and Jaheira, but the good news is that Larian Studios has officially confirmed their return from previous games as companions that you can have by your side. As we gather more intel on their locations, we’ll make sure to keep you posted right here. Notably, Minsc, a Human Ranger, is all set to be part of your adventure.

baldur's gate 3 Minsc

Shifting focus to Jaheira, she’s quite a unique addition among the companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. A Fighter/Druid multi-class character, Jaheira offers a blend of abilities. You’ll discover her presence at the Last Light Inn. This haven stands strong against the threat of the Shadow Cursed Lands. To bring Jaheira into your party, you’ll need to accomplish a series of tasks.

baldur's gate 3 Jaheira


Choose Carefully Between the Baldur’s Gate 3 Companions Listed Above

Embark on a grand journey with a diverse cast of BG3 companions! From cunning rogues to formidable wizards, assemble your team and navigate through epic quests. Choose your allies wisely and make strategic decisions to shape your adventure. Uncover the secrets of this captivating world and forge your path to victory!

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