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5 of the Best Tekken 7 Beginner Characters for Newbie Tekken Players


One of the most popular fighting game series in the history of video games is Tekken. For almost three decades, the Tekken franchise has attracted thousands of fans with its fast-paced action, 3D graphics, and in-depth narrative. Every character in the Tekken series is more distinctive than the last, and there is a fighter for everyone in the Tekken 7 roster. In Tekken 7, picking a novice character can be challenging. Things can quickly become complicated when there are 54 selectable fighters and over 70 maneuvers per character. That’s why we give you five of the best Tekken 7 beginner characters to use.

With the top five fighters for Tekken 7 beginners, you’ll understand the reasons why they’re perfect for new players. These characters all share a few traits in common: they all have a small number of effective critical moves for online play. Lower skill floors for ranked matches, and strengths that are best suited to playing basic, while learning the fundamentals.

Find the Best Tekken 7 Beginner Characters Now

For the convenience of those who aren’t interested in purchasing any of the DLC characters, we won’t be including any of them here. Check out the list below.

Katarina Alves

An energetic Savate practitioner, Katarina Alves can kick far and hard. She has an “autopilot” combo ability that allows her to start an attack with something and finish it with the appropriate kicks for straightforward damage. However, it’s also criticized by players. Her move set consists of a broad variety of wide arcing, powerful attacks that can result in lengthy combo chains that can do remarkable damage. With Katarina’s adaptability in the game, players will have a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics.

But because she has so many punitive movements and strings at her disposal, her offense is incredibly dangerous. Anyone who understands how to fight against her may quickly limit her assaults or effortlessly collect free damage. A skilled player can take advantage of the numerous gaps between the kicks. However, Katarina offers enough simplicity for beginner players. The low execution requirements of Katarina’s playstyle and her high-risk, high-reward move set make her a good choice for lower-level play.

tekken 7 Katarina Alves
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Marshall Law

Many new gamers can be drawn to Marshall Law, a legendary Tekken character. He practices Jeet Kune Do and is inspired by the late Bruce Lee. So it’s understandable why he has the kind of high-flying techniques you’d expect from someone who is influenced by him. Players benefit from Law’s benefits of speed and continuous hits. These educate them to be aggressive and confirm hits during combos. Law uses quick, powerful punches and kicks that give him a variety of ways to start combo chains while also protecting him from counterattacks.

Law has a vast arsenal of moves at his disposal, despite being one of Tekken 7’s safest characters. Although the majority of the alternatives that result from his full crouch slide mixups are penalized on block, they put opponents in unpredictable circumstances. It’s excellent for knowing how to manipulate people online, which is always crucial to winning even at lower tiers.

tekken 7 marshall law



Shaheen has a ton of powerful pokes and counterattack moves at her disposal, and both on walled and wall less stages, her combo damage is above average. His tracking skills are extremely strong, and he punishes whiffs well with solid oki and wallcarry skills. Finally, he requires a low skill threshold, which makes him efficient even when users are under stress. Shaheen’s flaws are his average lows. His lows, with the exception of slides, offer little destruction and reach and are solely utilized to gain a frame advantage.

Shaheen has to engage in a mixup despite the fact that his slide can cause opponents to pause and crouch. Additionally, because he is crouching so before sliding, he’s exposed to launchers and mid-pokes. Due to his weakness, his wall game will be subpar because his opponents won’t have much reason to duck. Finally, he only makes grabs that are minimally above average. Overall, Shaheen is a really strong character who has the ability to deal with just about any circumstance. These attributes make him highly recommended for newbies.

tekken 7 Shaheen


Kazumi Mishima

Kazuya and Heihachi’s move sets are combined in Kazumi, giving her access to both of their flash punch combo and demon slayer moves. She can flurry her opponent with multiple punches, use hand chops and roundhouse kicks to knock her down, and she can also knock someone out with a straight kick. Her special ability, which she can use both individually and in combos, is to call her pet tiger. You can also see it after Kazumi and her tiger deliver an uppercut. She possesses a weaker Hell Axle than her husband, but she also has his unblockable move and an extra downward kick.

Kazumi also uses a taunt in which she peacefully pets her tiger in the middle of a conflict. She’s a rush-down fighter who batters her foes with potent, delayable nudges that she may loop repeatedly, compelling the opposition to challenge her. Additionally, she advances with her pokes, staying close to the adversary. Overall, Kazumi is an extremely strong heroine that can use her easy-to-execute pokes to intimidate, irritate, and defeat adversaries.

tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima


Kazuya Mishima

One of the series’ most straightforward characters is Kazuya. His moveset promotes strong single strikes that deal a lot of raw punishment despite being primarily slow or dangerous on blocks. Kazuya’s most lucrative style of play is all about block punishment because the majority of his top moves are foreseeable and difficult to surprise with.

Kazuya’s punitive abilities, such as the Electric Wind Godfist which is one of the finest punishers in every match he plays, if not the best, are actually his greatest strengths. Overall, he works best as a defensive fighter. Maining him only requires exceptional or good timing making him one of the top fighters for Tekken beginners.

tekken 7 Kazuya


Pick from the Best Tekken 7 Beginner Characters Above

If you want to learn how to play Tekken 7, starting with a good beginner character is essential. The ones listed above are great options, which you will enjoy. But if you’re into more news and guides about Tekken 7, make sure to keep your eyes peeled here in PlayPC.

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