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The Best TemTem Starters for Newbies – A Quick Guide


Every child imagines themselves as a Temtem tamer, traveling to the six islands of the Airborne Peninsula, learning about exotic creatures, and meeting friends along the way. Now it’s your turn to set out on a grand adventure and realize your aspirations. You are given the option of choosing one of three Temtem starters when your trip begins, and it only makes sense that you would want to make sure you chose the one that is best for you.

It’s a procedure that every Pokémon player will be familiar with. And the TemTem starter you choose to join will play a crucial role in your team, so you want to learn as much as you can about them to help you make a wise choice.

What is Temtem All About?

Temtem is a monster-collecting adventure with massively multiplayer elements inspired by Pokémon. Along with your Temtem crew, seek adventure in the magnificent Airborne Archipelago. Catch every Temtem, engage in combat with other tamers, personalize your home, go on an adventure with a companion, or explore the vibrant online world.

With that out of the way, you will then choose a Temtem starter to accompany you in your adventures. Before you enter the planet, you’ll be required to choose from three charming creatures, as is customary in the monster-collecting genre. Thankfully, you won’t have to make this choice alone. We bring you a short guide about the available Temtem starters below.

The Three Different Temtem Starters Plus Tuwai

Three starters representing various elemental types will be available to you when your quest starts. Professor Konstantinos will urge you to select from, Houchic, Crystle, and Smazee. These stands for the Crystal, Melee, and Mental Temtem kinds, respectively, as you set out on your adventure. But apart from the starters, you have one additional, which is called Tuwai.


The incredibly adaptable Temtem Tuwai has respectable stats for Attack, Speed, and Special Attack. Professor Konstantinos gives new tamers a Tuwai in addition to the options of Smazee, Crystle, or Houchic. The nice professor suggests that the Temtem potentially transforms if brought to a place of when he places Tuwai in your care.

Take your Tuwai to an elemental shrine and it will transform into one of the six elemental variations. The evolved forms of Tuwai integrate the Wind type with a different kind depending on the Shrine it evolved. The shrines where you can develop Tuwai are in Earth Shrine in Tasa Desert, Water Shrine in Aguamarina Case, Fire Shrine in Anak Volcano, Melee Shrine in Arbury, Crystal Shrine in Tucma Island, and Neodeo Shrine in Neodeo!

temtem tuwai
Image Source: TemTem Tuwai



Crystle, a starting TemTem that resembles a tiny green crystalline turtle, is one option you have. Although it doesn’t start out as impressive as the other two options, its type gives it a solid early pick with the potential to learn some very potent techniques later on. Crystle is a Crystal type, making her vulnerable to Earth, Fire, and Melee attacks while being resistant to Electric, Mental, and Toxic assaults. When Crystal evolves, it becomes Tortenite, a Temtem having affinities for both crystals and toxins.

In addition, Crystle has the Amphibian Trait from the beginning, which gives it an advantage over other creatures when a Water Technique affects its speed and attack. Although helpful when it manifests, it can be challenging to utilize this specific trait. Crystle has the most competitively advantageous selection of SVs of any starting Temtem. It has a massive Defense SV of 38, which is excellent for a Temtem starter.


Smazee, a Temtem of the Melee type, has good Attack and Speed attributes but is deficient in Special Attack and Defense. Smazee is a Melee type that is immune to Melee tactics but susceptible to digital and mental attacks. Eventually, Smazee develops into Seismunch, a combination of the Melee and Earth types. As soon as it has a Status Condition, Smazee gains its Fever Rush Attribute, which increases its Attack.

Keep an eye out for potential combinations as this also applies to favorable conditions. Smazee has the least impressive Single Value (SV) numbers despite its tenacious exterior, which means that his pace of statistical improvement is less than ideal. This indicates that they are a marginally less strong option in terms of competition. However, if you enjoy cute sims, Smazee might be the right option for you.

temtem smazee
Image Source: Smazee TemTem



Houchic is another starter available for you to choose from. Because of its tremendous potential for special attacks to deal significant damage, this purple human-looking Temtem is a decent choice. Houchic, a classic glass cannon, deals significant damage but is weak to attack, making him an easy target. Houchic, a Temtem of the Mental type, has a sizable Special Defense, very impressive Special Attack, and very impressive Speed.

Houchic’s HP, however, is far below average, as one might anticipate from a more intelligent Temtem. Houchic is a Mental type who can withstand Melee and Neutral assaults but is susceptible to Electric, Digital, and Crystal Techniques. Houchic eventually transforms into Nagaise, a Temtem of the Water and Mental types.

The Soft Touch attribute is where Houchic starts. This trait guarantees that strikes won’t wake their targets up and also improves damage oversleeping opponents by 20%. This is an extremely helpful trait that, if used improperly, might put your enemies in a difficult situation. You’ll be giggling if you use the hypnosis skill on your opponents, which Houchic learned at level 3. Houchic’s SVs aren’t particularly noteworthy when it relates to PvP. Houchic is a marginally less competitive option than Smazee from a choice standpoint. But its incredibly potent beginning Trait more than makes up for this.

Choose the Best Temtem Starter for You!

There you have it, four of the best TemTem starters that should take note of and consider checking out. They are powerful, and will be with you in your journey. Evolve them to reap the maximum benefits. But if you’re looking for more guides and news about Temtem, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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