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Lords Mobile: How To Choose The Best Hero Guide


If you have ever played Lords Mobile, you know very well that your Lordship is as useless as a The term “Best Lords Mobile Hero” is quite complicated to answer, thanks to the subtle intricacies of the game. Just like in any other hero collector game, there is a niche for every hero, so there’s no such thing as a useless hero. It’s just they are not useful everywhere.

A Good Hero Always have a Great Entrance

Unlike in gacha games, you will get your heroes in a predetermined order. There’s no such thing as a game-changing lucky pull. This means that you’ll get late-game-oriented heroes in the early game and early-game-oriented heroes in the late game. Thus, the skill sets and perks provided by these heroes become almost useless. Consequently, you are better off min-maxing an arena oriented hero than investing in such heroes. This way, you’ll rack up gems earlier compared to when you put off building an arena hero.

One hero with a good unlock timing is the Sage of Storms. You’ll get this magic-toting guy quite early and will enjoy the +20% construction bonus when you gold him. In fact, the Sage is one of the “Golden Trio” which you should max out first, thanks to their administration skills that can boost your early game progress.

A Good Hero will Stand Up for You

The easiest way to determine a hero’s value is through the sheer power it offers to your arena team. After all, the arena is the perfect way to determine your late-game prowess!

Although all the heroes in Lords Mobile have combat skills, there’s only a chosen few that can help you beat your foes in one fell swoop. Alternatively, there are also heroes that can give you a clutch victory just when you’re about to throw the white towel!

A Good Hero is a Good Leader

What is a Lord without a powerful army to levy, right? With the help of research and skills, you can specialize your army and your castle. This means that every player has an army with a specialty and identity (e.g. cavalry focus). Because of these dynamics, it’s impossible to single out a one-size-fits-all hero.

The List of the Best Lords Mobile Heroes

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the best heroes in Lords Mobile!

lords mobile rose knight
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Rose Knight

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Rose knight is here to lead your crew! Almost every meta Lords Mobile team finds a place for the venerable Rose Knight. With her out-of-this-world spell resistance, she can easily shrug off the most powerful spells. Throw in her stun capability into the mix and you have a threatening unit that you can’t immediately take out.

Lore-wise, Rose Knight is a pacifist. Gameplay-wise, she is the best troop to lead your teams into war. Her appearance timing, cavalry bonus, and skill set makes her a great late game F2P beast.

lords mobile the golden trio
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The Golden Trio

The Golden Trio (Sage of Storms, Scarlet Bolt, Trickster) may not be the best combatants in the game, but they will speed up your progress and will help you max out your buildings and research early. Because you can get them in the early game, you will enjoy their management boosts for quite a long time. Particularly, the Trickster’s 25% research boost will be helpful even when you max out your buildings!

The best part here is you don’t have to shell out a single cent in order to max out these powerful folks because they are completely F2P.

lords mobile prima donna
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Prima Donna

If your burst damage rush will not work, you’ll need a back-up plan to fall back to. This is where the vertically efficient Prima Donna comes in. Prima Donna is not the most powerful unit around. She is even one of the worst options for monster hunting! Take note, however, that her healing powers can keep your team alive when their skills start to cooldown without taking down a single foe.

If you check out F2P and P2p meta teams, you’ll often find Prima Donna. One of the best Lords Mobile heroes indeed!

lords mobile lore weaver
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Lore Weaver

You’ll never get enough healing in the arena. Thus, the Lore Weaver is here to take the healing you get from Prima Donna further. Objectively speaking, Lore Weaver boasts a much superior set of stats than Prima Donna. She also boasts stun utility in addition to her healing powers. The only aspect that puts her low on this list is the fact that she’s a P2P unit.