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Clash of Clans Base-Building Guide


Perhaps, the most interesting aspect of the legendary game Clash of Clans is its appeal to both RTS lovers and casual players alike. You can casually stroll into the game, learn the basics, and dilly-dally your way into building your base. Likewise, you can go the hardcore way and become a COC base engineer! Either way, this guide will help you step up your COC build strategy.

In this guide, we will cover the basics of building a strong and effective base in the popular mobile strategy game. We’ll discuss the importance of base layout, defense placement, and resource protection. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve your base design, this guide will provide valuable tips and tricks to help you defend against attacks and climb the leaderboards.

Clash of Clans Best Base – Theory

Clash of Clans is the pioneer of modern mobile asynchronous RTS games. Thus, it is not surprising that the game is filled with unique mechanics that all work together to orchestrate fresh game dynamics.

If you dove into COC thinking that it is your typical RTS, rest assured that typical RTS strategies like Zerg Rushing and Rock-Paper-Scissor strategies will not work. After all, you can’t control your units’ behavior in an asynchronous RTS. This is where the fun of COC base-building starts.

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All Bases Are Meant to Be Conquered

No matter how clever you are with your base layout, there is a hard cap to your power. Thanks to your limited building levels and capacity, there is a hard limit to what you can place and what defense you can organize. Likewise, your attackers only have a limited pool of troops and spells. Thus, it will be natural for higher-level players to crush those who are of a lower level. Your base will eventually fall. That’s exactly what’s meant to happen.

Your Enemies Will Eventually Meet All Your Towers

Attackers have two goals – to wreck as many buildings as possible and to loot your resources. Either way, their troops will eventually roam the entire base and therefore step on all traps and encounter all towers! Are you beginning to see the pattern now? In the end, it becomes a matter of buying time for your towers to deal the most damage as possible. Think of it as a tower defense game, albeit your enemies are not bound to a single path.

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Spacing Matters

How will you maximize the damage to your towers? The answer is proper spacing. Here is the math – the total number of tiles that your towers cover will never be more than the number of tiles that your utility buildings will occupy. Thus, there will always be a blind spot where your towers can’t protect your other buildings. If you can minimize these blind spots, you can maximize the exposure of your enemy troops.

The secret here is to make your base as compact as possible. Minimize the blind spots and create a network of towers whose range intersects. If your enemies navigate to these intersections, they are basically walking into a kill zone.

Think of the tower range as a consumable resource. You can allocate it to the stuff that you want to protect, but you can only leave a few towers for your other buildings. As you consume more of this “resource” to create kill zones, a good chunk of your base will be left defenseless. Balance your spacing right and your base is good to go. Combine this with a great wall layout and your defense will be impenetrable to players of the same level.

The Air Defense is the Starting Point of Your Base

Archer towers can only do so much against airborne troops. Thus, the Air Defense is the only reliable tower that you can use against balloons and the like. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you can’t use walls to stop airborne troops. Hence, you have to rely on the power of your Air Defense as your main line of defense. In practice though, this is hard to execute.

Initially, the only airborne problem you will have is the Balloon. It can easily wreck your defensive towers if your Air Def is not placed to guard them. Thankfully, you can place your Air Def in such a way that the Balloons have to take down other towers before your Air Def. Later, you will encounter dragons and minions that target buildings and units of all types. In this case, the same philosophy applies but you can protect your Air Def with other buildings instead of just defensive towers.

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Resist Funneling

The more you go beyond Tier 7, the more you will encounter a strategy known as funneling. With this strategy, attacking players can lead their armies to your base’s core by first destroying buildings that may redirect an attacker’s troops. This can’t be countered but you can minimize its effects by spreading out your outer buildings and making sure that the enemy troops will be forced to obliterate outer buildings before breaking through your wall.

If you use your PC all the time and do not want to miss attacks without having to move away from your PC, you can install an unblocked version of Clash of Clans.


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