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5 Best Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight for Newbies


Being a rookie Dead by Daylight player, it can be difficult to enter your initial match without any knowledge. As a result of the game’s excessive number of Perks (228 as of this writing), both for Survivors and Killers, it might be intimidating for new players. The ideal way to define perks is as traits that can be combined and matched to create the “correct” build for the player. Each of the two classes—Survivors and Killers—has three special learnable Perks that are specific to them.

A player’s teachable perks begin to show up every five levels once they reach level 30 on a particular Survivor or Killer. The same is true for Killers, who also get their teachable Perks at Levels 30, 35, and 40. Once you’ve mastered these teachable Perks, they’ll surface on the Bloodwebs of other Killers and Survivors. It should be noted, though, that Survivor Perks cannot be taught to Killers, and vice versa.

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Dead by Daylight Killer Logo

With that said, today we will be taking a quick overview of 5 of the best killer perks in Dead by Daylight.

1. Make Your Choice from The Pig

Make Your Choice from The Pig pays you for abandoning ensnared survivors and letting them be rescued. At tier three, the rescuer is highly susceptible to the uncovered status effect lasting up to 1 min while rescuing a survivor from you. The cool down for the benefit is equal to how long the rescuer is exposed. The perk is useful for preventing you from chasing after the exact same survivor because, once it activates, you’ll want to pursue the rescuer. After all, they offer the chance for an easy down.

If a Survivor attempts to rescue his buddy before it is time, Killers frequently benefit from this advantage by killing two birds with one stone. This perk is the end for all the Survivors who wish to play the hero.

Dead by Daylight Killer The Pig
Dead by Daylight – Killer: The Pig


2. Eruption from The Nemesis

The unique perk that can genuinely profit out of its cool-down rate is an eruption. When a Survivor is thrown into the dying condition, every generation that was triggered immediately regresses. Each generator that the Killer kicks is indicated in yellow.

When activated, it also causes all Survivors who are currently working on a generator to experience the incapacitated status effect, which prohibits them from working for a brief period of time. Because of Eruption’s cool-down, you can chain together numerous affected generators before putting a Survivor to sleep and making them retreat.

Dead by Daylight Eruption of the Nemesis
Dead by Daylight – The Generator affected by corruption


3. Corrupt Intervention from The Plague

The three generators that are the furthest away from the Killer are blocked by Corrupt Intervention at the beginning of the Trial, stopping the Survivors from engaging with them for 2 minutes. It requires them to travel nearer to the Killer if they wish to begin working on gens right away. Even after being modified, Corrupt Intervention continues to be one of the strongest weapons in a Killer’s toolbox.

The major purpose of Corrupt is to provide Killers with a method to prevent Survivors from blasting through the early generators. This is before the Killer can establish a footing. As a result, Corrupt Intervention now abruptly disables when the initial Survivor is placed into the Dying State. This perk’s main purpose is to give Killers a way to stop Survivors.

Dead by Daylight Corrupt Intervention
Screenshot of Generator Auras Affected by Corrupt Intervention


4. Deadlock from the Cenobite

The Cenobite’s perk called “deadlock” prohibits generators from being fixed simultaneously. The generator which is constantly being worked on the most gets blocked for approximately 30 seconds after the generator has already been completely restored, prohibiting survivors from operating on it. This will enable you to find and disrupt it once it has been unblocked to slow down survivors.

The Killer can make the Trial drag on indefinitely by using Deadlock, one of the most potent slow-down perks in the present meta; along with other perks that specialize in delaying generators. This will provide them with the opportunity they need to locate and kill their prey.

Dead by Daylight Deadlock
Screenshot of a Generator Affected by Deadlock


5. Barbecue & Chilli from The Cannibal

Barbecue & Chilli has consistently topped lists of the most significant advantages for effective Killers ever since The Cannibal’s release in 2017 by far and out. When a survivor is placed on a hook, this perk makes the auras of every other survivor within 40 meters of the hook visible.

This encourages you to seek out additional survivors rather than camping out on the hook. Barbecue & Chilli also reveal auras and grants Bloodpoints increase of up to 100 percent at tier 3. Plus, a gain of 25% each time a survivor is entrapped for the very first time.

Dead by Daylight Barbeque and Chili
Barbeque and Chili reveal survivor aura


Must Try Dead by Daylight Killer Perks

Do take note that the efficacy of each perk still depends on how the player utilizes each one. With that in mind, the list above is only a suggestion based on our experience. Trial and error is still the best way to test and find the best perk that is best for your play style. Still, these Dead by Daylight killer perks are some of our favorites. Try them all out!

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