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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leaders – Guide for Leveling & Teams


The 9th generation Pokémon games blend familiar, well-loved elements with innovative new features. This revitalizes the franchise like never before. Scarlet and Violet offer a unique open-world experience that grants trainers greater exploration and freedom. It also offers the ability to chart their path to greatness.

Scarlet and Violet are the first main Pokémon games with three distinct story paths you can follow in any order. While some limitations exist, you have the flexibility to choose your objectives. Two paths are new, while the third is the familiar journey of defeating eight Gym Leaders.

You will also earn badges and battle the Elite Four. You may wonder what the game’s optimal Pokémon scarlet and violet gym order are in the open-world setting. So, this blog will explore the paths for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders to take per level.

Cortondo Gym (Bug Type)

Cortondo Gym and its leader Katy is the first recommended gym to defeat based on level. This bug-type gym requires a team level of 10 or higher. The best way to defeat it is to have a fire, flying, or rock-type Pokémon to counter Katy’s bug-type team. It is located in the city’s south end, and after completing the Gym Test, you can battle Katy.

Cortondo Gym Leader
Image Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders – Cortondo

Her team consists of Nymble, Tarountula, and Teddiursa. This should be an easy win if you have at least one Pokémon that is super effective against bug-type. You will also earn the first Gym Badge and TM021, the Pounce move.

Artazon Gym (Grass Type)

After the Bug-type gym, the next challenge is the Artazon Grass-type gym led by Brassius. To overcome this gym, aim to reach level 15 or higher. Grass types are weak to many types, including fire, bug, flying, ice, and poison.

Artazon Gym Leader
Image Source: Artazon Gym Leader – IGN

Artazon Gym is located east of Mesagoza in the South Province, near a town with a windmill. The gym is to the right of the windmill. After passing the test, you will face Petlil, Smoliv, and Sudowoodo. With many possible counters, this gym should not be difficult to beat. You will earn the badge and TM020, Trailblaze.

Levincia Gym (Electric Type)

The Levincia Electric-type Gym is a challenging one. It is located in one of the biggest cities in the game. Also, it is easy to find and get to. However, you should aim for at least level 20 or even 25 to tackle this gym. The gym leader, Iono, has a team of four Pokémon, which will require you to be ready for battles.

Pokémon and Gym Leaders - Levincia
Image Source: Levincia Gym Leader – IGN

Here’s what you will face: Wattrel, Bellibolt, Luxio, and Mismagius. Be cautious of the final Pokémon, Mismagius, and bring a Normal-type Pokémon to counter its Ghost-type. Upon winning, you’ll earn the badge and TM048 Volt Switch.

Cascarrafa Gym (Water-type)

This Water-type gym, led by Kofu, is located in the oasis resort of Cascarrafa. We suggest a team level of 30 or higher for this challenge. Water types have weaknesses to Grass and Electric-types, but Kofu’s team includes multiple types. After passing the gym test, you’ll face Veluza, Wugtrio, and Crabominable in battle.

Cascarrafa Gym - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders
Image Source: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders – Nintendo Life

Ground and Grass types will handle the first two Pokémon well, but remember that Grass types are weak to Ice. It’s best to use Electric-types or switch out to beat Crabominable. Kofu will award you the badge and TM022 Chilling Water upon victory.

Medali Gym (Normal Type)

The Normal-type gym, Medali, is reachable after finishing Cascarrafa Gym if you have the proper counters. Located west of Levincia or northwest of Asado Desert, aim for a team level of 35. Normal types are vulnerable to Fighting-types but have no type advantage or disadvantage.

Pokémon Gym Leaders - Medali Gym
Image Source: Medali Gym – Polygon

Challenge Larry, who has a team of three Pokémon: Komala, Dundunsparce, and Staraptor. Be wary of Sta raptor’s flying moves, have a tanky Pokémon ready, and make sure it’s not a Ghost-type. Win to receive the badge and TM025, Facade.

Montenevera Gym (Ghost Type)

The next gym leader, Ryme, specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon and is located in Montenevera. This is a town at the peak of the northern mountains. It is advised to have a team around level 40 for this gym. Ghost-types are weak to Dark Pokémon, but there are some exceptions to prepare for. Rhyme’s team includes Banette, Mimikyu, Houndstone, and Toxtricity.

Montenevera Gym
Image Source: Nintendo Life – Montenevera Gym Leader

Dark Pokémon and Steel-type will be useful against Mimikyu, and Ground-type will counter Toxtricity. Remember that the battle follows the rule of giving stat boosts for knocking out one of Ryme’s Pokémon. However, getting KO’d will give her team one. Defeating Ryme will earn you a badge and TM114 for the move Shadow Ball.

Alfornada Gym (Psychic-type)

You should Alfornda Gym until you reach a higher level, as the Pokémon you will face are strong. You must unlock the high jump ability and go southwest from Mesagoza to reach the gym. For best results, it is recommended to have a team near level 45. Psych-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-types.

Alfornada Gym - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders
Image Source: Nintendo Life – Alfornada Gym

After a lengthy test, the gym leader, Tulip, will challenge you. Her team consists of Farigiraf, Gardevoir, Espathra, and Florges. A good Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type and a Steel-type to counter the Fairy types should suffice. Use your types to your advantage and defeat Tulip for the badge and TM120 for the move Psych.

Glaseado Gym (Ice Type)

The final gym, specializing in Ice-type Pokémon, is located in Glaseado, on the highest point in Paldea. You must head north from Dalizapa and climb the snowy mountain path to reach it. A team level of 45 or higher is necessary to win, but level 50 is safer. Ice types are weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-types. However, Rock and Steel will serve a dual purpose, so bring at least one.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders - Glaseado
Image Source: IGN – Glaseado Gym Leader

After completing the gym test, you will face Grusha. Her team consists of Frosmoth, Beartic, Cetitan, and Altaria. Any listed counters can handle her, but Rock and Steel are ideal for exploiting Ice and Dragon weaknesses. Defeat Grusha to earn your final Gym Badge and TM124 for the move Ice Spinner.

Use this Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leaders Guide

The suggested Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders order for leveling and team changes as you progress through the game. It is recommended to have a team around the suggested level. This is to ensure a successful battle against the gym leader and their team of Pokémon.

It is also important to note that each gym leader specializes in a specific type of Pokémon. Therefore, countering their type weaknesses with strong Pokémon can also increase your chances of winning. For more updates about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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