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Guardian Tales Tier List – The Best Characters In Each Class


Conquer all game modes using the Guardian Tales Tier List!

Released last February 2020, Guardian Tales is a fun action-adventure role-playing game published by Kakao Games and developed by Kong Studios. If you’re a huge fan of nostalgic RPGs like the Legend of Zelda, then you must not miss out on playing this game. The game’s plot is simple. Your mission is to fight the evil forces with your adorable chibi-like pixelated characters in the Kanterbury. Here, loads of enemies are waiting for you.

Like the other games, Guardian Tales characters are divided into different classes; Warrior, Ranged, Support, and Tanker. Each character depicts its own advantage, skills, and playstyle that can suit your needs. But who among them can help you surpass dungeons and defeat the challenging bosses? Let this Guardian Tales Tier List assist you.

Guardian Tales Tier List – Best & Worst Characters in Each Class

To help you shorten the search time while looking for the best characters in the game, then you must use this Guardian Tales Tier List. With this list, you can identify which units in each class are equipped with over pouring stats and can help you withstand any enemies.

In this Guardian Tales character List, the units are classified according to their respective classes and tier where they belong. Like the usual tier lists, the characters are grouped into different tiers; S, A, B, C, D. So when we say S-Tier characters, these heroes are renowned for being overpowered, while D-Tier ones are the least or worst ones.

So, without further ado, here is the Guardian Tales Tier List;

Guardian Tales Tier List – Warrior

Among the classes featured in Guardian Tales, Warriors are known to be the backbone of the party or team. Without them, there’s no possibility of winning as they deal heavy damage and take all types of blows from the opponent. Characters under this class are usually placed on the frontline. So it will be best if you have the best warriors in the game to help you reach the ultimate victory. Here is Guardian Tales character ranking for the Warriors’ class;

  • S – Drunken Swordmaster Lynn. Future Knight, Archangel Gabriel, Dark Magician Beth, God of Harvest Kamael, Divine Beast of Harvest Mayrael, Android Mk.99, Demon Queen Lilith
  • A – Master Swordsman Gourry, Legendary Hero Erina, Little Android AA72, Ice With Lupina, Druid Kanna, Knight Lady Lapice, Scriever Lahn, Movie Star Eugene, Goddess of Wealth Eleonor, Grim Reaper Hana, Priest Xellos, Demonshire Count Claude, Flower Girl Bari, The Bound Child Clara, Trickster Lucy, Grand Admiral Marina, Model Employee Parvati, Autonomous Android MkII, Dragon Avatar Vishunac, Nine-Tailed Fox Garam, Eight-Tailed Fox Nari, Exorcist Miya, mecha Warrior Oghma, Sea Witch Ara, Noble Succubus Bianca
  • B – Vampire Girl Karina, Leaf Fairy Aoba, Engineer Marianne, Aspiring Warrior Craig, Sniper Hekate, Innuit Girl Coco, Pirate Rachel, Goddess of War Plitvice, Princess Aisha, Kung Fu Master Fei/Mei, Swordsman Akayuki, Executive Red Hood Arabelle, Flame Harpy Scintilla, Santa’s Little Helper Rue, Warlord Mercenary Orca, Necromancer Noxia, Dancing Archa Tinia, Elemental of Christmas Carol, Mad Scientist Gremory
  • C – Knight Captain Eva, Golem Rider Alef, Succubus Adventurer, Dragon Seeking Girl Neva, Innkeeper Loraine, Desert Mercenary Marvin, Duel-personality Maid Amy, Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang, Red Hood Elivra, Twin healer Favi, Battleball Girl Rie, Twin Fighter Lavi, Dimension Traveler Catherine
  • D – White Beast, Swindler Magician Dolf, The Knight(Male or Female), Scientist Sohee, Dragon Knight Shapira


guardian tales ice witch lupina
Image Source: Guardian Tales Gameplay


Guardian Tales Tier List – Ranged

As the class suggests, these characters are known for their skills to provide volatile damage from afar. Like Warriors, you can also count on the ranged heroes. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to invest in powerful ones. They can release more explosive attacks that can turn the tide of the fight. Here is the Guardian Tales character Tier List for ranged units;

  • S – Nari, Garam, Bari
  • A – Elvira, Catherine, Bianca, Tinia, Rachel, MK.99
  • B – Hekate, Gremory, Coco, Arabelle, MK.2, Marianne, Lucy, Sohee, Rie
  • C – Girgas, Eva, Dolf


guardian tales bari


Guardian Tales Tier List – Support

If you’re looking for a character that can help your team of heroes in terms of buffing and healing, then you must start looking for a formidable Support unit. To Help you find the best and least Support characters in Guardian Tales, here is the Guardian Tales character ranking for Supports;

  • S – Gabriel, Kamael, Noxia
  • A – Mayreel, Idol Captain Eva, Aoba, Veronica, Miya
  • B – Karina, Eleonor, Aisha
  • C – Favi
  • D- Lorraine


guardian tales kamael
Image Source: Guardian Tales – Raid


Guardian Tales Tier List – Tanks

If you’re looking for characters that can help you during tight situations, then you must look for powerhouse characters. The ideal ones are the Tanks. Like Warriors, Tanks are famous for being front liners. However, they can also absorb damage and secure your team. So here are the most powerful and fragile tanks in the Guardian Tales;

  • S- Oghma, Future Princess
  • A – Marina, Craig
  • B – Ranpang
  • C – Lavi


guardian tales Future princess


Dominate the Game Using the Guardian Tales Tier List!

Now that you know the Guardian Tales character ranking of all units in each class, you can quickly find the suitable character that suits your playstyle and provides you with an edge in battle. Regardless of which game mode you choose to immerse yourself in, what is essential is that you’re equipped with the best units from this Guardian Tales character list.

So, are you looking for more useful tier lists of your favorite games? Then feel free to check them out in the Guide section here in PlayPC!

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