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Vampire Survivors Characters 8 Best Options to Unlock


Vampire Survivors is a widely enjoyed roguelike game that combines survival and minimalist gameplay. The game’s objective is to stay alive by defeating enemies using your selected character’s passive ability and weapon. To enhance a character’s performance, you can buy new weapons, equip item add-ons, and purchase global power-ups. The game also features 24 playable characters, each with distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

This blog will talk about Vampire Survivors best characters to use. Remember, at the start of the game, Antonio Belpaese is the only character available. But as you progress, you can unlock more characters by fulfilling certain gameplay requirements. Without further delay, let us know each of these Vampire Survivors best characters.

1. Imelda Belpaese

Imelda is a character available to play from the start of the game. If you’re a new player, her Magic Wand weapon can be a great way to familiarize yourself. Before facing more difficult opponents, you should also become acquainted with the game’s auto-fire mechanism. The Wand automatically targets the closest enemy and works well with weapons such as the Knife and King Bible.

Imelda Belpaese - Vampire Survivor Character
Image Source: Imelda Belpaese – Vampire Survivor Character

Imelda’s unique ability is her passive bonus, which gives a 10% increase to experience earned for every five levels. This bonus can reach a maximum of 30% at level 15, allowing you to level up and acquire stronger weapons. As one of the four characters unlocked from the beginning of the game, Imelda can be purchased for only 10 gold. This makes her easily attainable in just one play session using the starting character, Antonio.

2. Poe Ratcho

Poe, the hunched old man with an automatic decrease in health, may not seem appealing initially. You will be amazed by his first unconventional weapon of garlic. When allowed to play, he proves to be a worthwhile character. The Garlic, his first weapon, has an area of effect that deals five damage to any enemies within range.

Poe Ratcho - Vampire Survivor Characters
Image Source: Poe Ratcho – Vampire Survivor Characters

Poe is an excellent choice for players new to the Inlaid Library. Dust Elementals, which have five hit points, will be your first wave of enemies at this level. To unlock Poe, you should collect five Ground Chickens to get the Garlic weapon. You can then level it up to seven on a play session. If you didn’t unlock Poe before obtaining the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, you could do so with the spell “strongest character.”

3. Krochi Freeto

If you find yourself dying more frequently than desired and want to run, Krochi is the character for you. Krochi provides an extra chance to finish the game with his starting ability of one revive. Other than that ability, you can also gain another at level 33. The fast speed of this character also makes it easier to navigate through waves of enemies.

Krochi Freeto - Vampire Survivor Characters
Image Source: Krochi Freeto – Vampire Survivor Characters

have two options for unlocking Krochi. One is to kill 100,000 enemies, which may appear to be a challenging task. However, it is possible to accomplish this with enough practice and determination. The other option is to use the Secret menu to cast the “accidenti” spell. This spell makes it easier to unlock Krochi without spending a lot of time killing enemies.

4. Sir Ambrojoe

Sir Ambrojoe is a one-of-a-kind character who combines wit and power. Despite his outward appearance of a Kinder Surprise Egg, he can be a formidable opponent when used correctly. La Robba, his first weapon, rains furniture down on enemies. It deals damage as it passes through them.

Sir Ambrojoe
Image Source: Sir Ambrojoe – Youtube

This weapon alone can cause confusion and chaos among the enemies, making it easier to dodge and attack them. Sir Ambrojoe can be unlocked by defeating 6,000 Stage Killer mobs in the Cappella Magna stage. You can also cast the spell “languorino” in the Secret menu.

Once he’s unlocked, you’ll have access to his abilities and the potential to become a powerful player in the game. Sir Ambrojoe is definitely worth considering if you want a good laugh or just a character with a lot of power.

5. Mask of the Red Death

Red Death is a powerful Vampire Survivors character with the fastest movement speed. He began with an impressive 255 health points compared to the standard 100. The Death Spiral’s starting weapon deals an additional 20% damage. It is an improved Axe that spirals out, damaging all enemies in its path.

Vampire Survivor Characters - Mask of Red Death
Image Source: Vampire Survivor Characters – Mask of Red Death

This provides players with a comfortable cushion to maneuver and move through the game easily. To access Red Death, players must take on Death, the game’s ultimate challenge. Although it’s not an end-game task, careful planning is required to make it to the 30-minute mark.

You also need the necessary weapons and items for this one. However, if you’re looking for a shortcut, you can cast the spell “ablasphemousmockery” to unlock Red Death early on.

6. Peppino

Peppino is a one-of-a-kind character in the game known for being the slowest. Unlike other characters, Peppino, being a tree, starts with a speed of -100%. You’ll do a stationary run until you unlock some speed bonuses. Peppino’s slow movement may appear to be a disadvantage. However, it provides a challenging experience for players at higher levels.

Vampire Survivors Character - Peppino
Image Source: Vampire Survivors Character – Peppino

Use Celestial Dusting to heal 100,000 HP to the enemies in the Il Molise stage to unlock Peppino. You can avoid the challenge by using the spell “pinociampino” from the Secret menu. Peppino begins with Soul Eater, an evolved form of Garlic that heals your health.

Interestingly, it also increases damage based on how much health it has restored. So, despite his slowness, Peppino has advantages that make him a fascinating character.

7. Big Trouser

Earning gold is essential in the game because it allows you to upgrade your character and unlock new ones. Trouser is the best gold farmer among all the characters in the game. When you level up with Trouser, your Greed (the amount of gold available in treasure chests) increases by 1%.

Big Trouser Character
Image Source: Big Trouser Character

Because of this, you start with a 20% bonus. You will have more gold to work with as you progress through the game. Collect and upgrade the stage items in Moonglow to unlock Trouser. You can avoid the process by casting the spell “earrivatolarrotino” from the Secret menu. Trouser is an excellent character for those looking to farm gold in the game. Thanks to his ability to increase gold, longer Gold Fevers, and an ideal starting weapon.

8. Queen Sigma

Queen Sigma is the best character to have when it comes to defeating the game’s monstrous enemies. She begins with a buff to almost all of her stats and 108 Reroll, Skip, and Banish. This ensures that none of her level-ups are wasted. Her final weapon, Sole Solution, has a cooldown of 20 seconds and can damage everything for 10 seconds. Sole Solution’s damage increases with every enemy killed.

Unlocking Sigma can be a time-consuming process. It necessitates unlocking and collecting every item in the game as well as all of the Arcana. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, you can use the Secret menu to spell “allatonce” instead.

Queen Sigma
Image Source: Queen Sigma

Queen Sigma is the ultimate character for those who want to slaughter their enemies in the game. It is the case despite the time and effort required to unlock her. She is certain to complete the task due to her powerful stats and weapons.

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