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Play Gardenscapes & Other Popular Match-3 Games


If you are an avid fan of match-3 games, you would undoubtedly know what the best games are. There is always this one play that stands out among the others in the online community. For instance, people nowadays are not only playing because of the match, but they also want to gain a player experience. While there is a lot of game types that anyone can check out online, several developers have entered the world of casual games.

Surprisingly, when Playrix introduced the Gardenscapes, it became a contender of the top spot. The play mechanics are simple that anyone in the family can play it for hours. Gardenscapes levels have various goals to achieve in each phase, so it is up to you on how you are going to strategize and solve the puzzle to finish the challenge.

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Once you completed each level, you will earn one star that you can use to accomplish the tasks. You can trade each star you collect to proceed and unlock more levels. It is an easy game to play with very simple-to-use controls. Also, it involves swapping two adjacent elements to create a row, column, or group of at least three similar objects.

Gardenscapes starts with a friendly greeting from the butler, Austin, and his cute puppy. It follows his story, and your task is to help him improve the place again. Join him on his journey to restore and decorate the garden while you also meet different neighbors! You will get to know every one of them as you progress and unravel each of their stories. Moreover, get the opportunity to decide on how your garden will look, restore, and decorate each part with unique structures. Well, you will never know it unless you check it out on your own!

Similar Match-3 Games To Try like Gardenscapes

With the growing popularity of the casual match-3 genre, more and more games have become known. Players now have numerous choices since each of these games are unique in their ways. Just like the Gardenscapes review that we already have, you might want to look into other match-3 games that are also popular in terms of elements and stories.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is probably the most known match 3-games by Every player got hook on it because no one can seem to let go of their mouse with the excitement to complete each challenging level. Surely, you are one of those millions of players around the world who loves the legendary match-3 puzzle game. Unlike in Gardenscapes, you get to switch and match at least three similar candies to make sure that you achieve the goal and complete each level.

Get delicious and sweetest rewards for every combo that you made. Do not forget the boosters if you’re stuck at a challenging level. Other variations of the game include Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and the newest Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga

Another great offering from! This match-3 game is about defending the farm and its crops from Rancid the Raccoon. The menace wants to spoil the precious land and steal all of its Cropsies. Join the Farm Heroes and match three or more Cropsies to collect them. Make sure to plan your move to create bigger and better matches for a much higher score. Spare some of your movements to earn extra points with Hero Mode.

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Plus, take advantage of boosters and power-ups to avoid getting stuck at challenging levels. Let the Farm Club animals help you to win and conquer the challenging levels. After all, you can play alone or join your friends to get through each phase and additional ranks every two weeks. Get into a fantastic adventure in a farm and face numerous battles to earn more points.


Well, another good game to add is from the same developer of Gardenscapes. In Homescapes, you will also be working along with Austin, the Butler. Still, the tasks will involve renovating and redecorating the mansion. Instead of swapping and matching colorful fruits and flowers, you will have to deal with household items. Help Austin, who recently got back home and reunited with his parents, to unlock an exciting family story as you progress in the game.

Along with his naughty and fluffy cat, work with each other, and meet fantastic characters. Live and interact with them as you discover all the secrets that the vast and beautiful mansion holds. Show your creativity in giving a new design to the mansion. Your quick-thinking skill and careful planning of every move will help you get going with the game.

Match-3 games might be the perfect casual games for you to play. Furthermore, it also helps you to be a good and quick thinker while you carefully execute your strategies in every move you make.

Play Gardenscapes Now

For sure, you’re excited to play the game and all the other match-3 games similar to this play. Well, you have all the options to play it on your PC with your friends! Don’t waste any moment by now and discover a lot more games online! This play might be your gateway to become the best Match-3 Puzzle, King, or Queen! Download the game today and see for yourself how well you will enjoy it. Start playing Gardenscapes, and you might already be addicted to it. Kill some of your boring time and be excited about a game that you cannot let go of.

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