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Bubble Witch Saga Review: Is It Your Casual Bubble Popping Game?


Are you bored in a current situation where everyone is encouraged to stay at home? Some say that they have so much time to do things at home and focus on household chores. And other people divert their attention to some essential matters. If you are one of those people who want to kill some time and leave other tasks behind, then Bubble Witch Saga is a game that you can try to play.

Get yourself ready for a casual bubble popping game that will keep you addicted. The Bubble Witch Saga PC is another fairy tale challenge filled with adventure and mysteries. Are you curious about the game and want to find out more? Well, hundreds of enchanting and addictive levels await you. Get ready for an adventure in the eye-popping bubble shooting game that will make you play more and more.

Play with Mystical Heroes in Bubble Witch Saga

Join Bubble Witch Saga characters and help the witches in their mission! Free the land and use magic spells to remove dark spirits that plague the country. Their goal is to pop as many bubbles as they can and collect them in their cauldrons to create different spells. It is your mission to help them succeed and fulfill their duty. Also, it has a different approach to the usual match-three games have given its unique concepts and surprising mechanics at every level.

Moreover, your goal is to remove the bubbles by shooting the same color to two or more bubbles adjacent to each other. Be accurate and wise enough with your target to shoot as many same-colored bubbles as you can!  Remember to aim for the first bubble to remove the entire column of bubbles in a single shot.

Watch out for the evil bubbles in a chain of good bubbles. These are obstacles and individual bubbles that add another layer of difficulty that can only be found in the Bubble Witch Saga game. Make sure to detach these bubbles from the column by shooting the same colors on top of them and let them fall in the cauldron.

So, that’s what makes the game more exciting and fun adventure for everyone! Use power to trigger them and help you eliminate the entire heaps of bubbles. Sometimes, you feel like giving up, but with power bubbles, you can quickly remove the whole row and column if you use them wisely.

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More Features to Enjoy

Do you have a thing for cats? These furry pets are a great addition in the game, not only because they are cute. They can help you with your adventures in various Bubble Witch Saga episodes. Those kitties can provide you with unique bonuses to have a smoother experience. However, they are not available at the start of your play. You have to progress through the story to gain access to them.

Additionally, because you are working with witches, cauldrons, and spells, you can collect potions that can change your game. They are mighty but can only be used once in the game, so you have to be very careful and wise in managing your resources. In each level, you will receive different amounts depending on the scores that you achieve. It helps you to get three stars on every level because you get to collect more items. Watch out also for exclusive bonuses, and don’t forget to log in to the game every day to receive rewards.

Bubble Witch Saga is easy and fun to play, but it can be a challenging game to master. It also takes patience and perseverance to earn coins, stars, and rewards.

Other Bubble Shooting Games

A subgenre of the casual match-3 games, several other bubble shooter games are like Bubble Witch Saga. They have the same premise, which is to shoot bubbles from the bottom of the screen. The mechanics may also have a few variations. Then there are different ways to earn upgrades and boosters to help during challenging levels. Furthermore, other games have the themes or stories that players must follow as they progress.

Frozen Bubble

Probably one of the “old” versions of a bubble shooting game, it is a free software clone of Puzzle Bobble. Tux, the penguin, is the protagonist in the game. He needs to shoot colored frozen bubbles to form groups of three or more of the same colored bubbles that will disappear on the screen. The objective of the game is to clear the whole filter of bubbles before they can even reach out to the bottom.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

Everyone is familiar with Angry Birds, but this has different gameplay. Instead of destroying the houses of the annoying pigs, you have to drop them alternatively. Use your slingshot to shoot Angry Birds characters that will match and pop the colorful bubbles. Be accurate with every shot so you will easily knock out the pigs and free the adorable hatchlings in Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter!

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Image Source: Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter


Bubble Mania

Save the baby animals from the evil Bubble Wizard when you burst all the bubbles in Bubble Mania. Make sure to aim, shoot, and pop the bubbles of the same colors and move through diverse landscapes! Test your intelligence and patience in this match-3 bubble shooting game with more than 1,000 levels.  Also, join events that will earn you more significant rewards. Beat the wizard with a careful plan and strategy to save the cute animals trapped inside the bubbles. Are you excited to travel from one island to another and face different challenges and obstacles?

So, if you are up to playing something special and a little tight, why not try these with your friends now? Download and play on your PC today so you will have some fun while stuck at home and avoid the boredom. For sure, Bubble Witch Saga will help you cope up with that.