Homescapes Guide: Get To Know Austin the Butler


If you are into match-3 games, you should at least try playing Homescapes. It’s a free-to-play game that you can enjoy on desktop and mobile. The game follows the story of Austin, a butler who returned to his childhood home after a very long time.

On his way home, Austin showed up a little early at the airport and his parents, William and Olivia, were not yet there. He decided to go straight to their family home by himself to his parents’ surprise. However, he was much more surprised to know that his parents are planning to sell the property. This is because the house is now in poor condition, and they felt that they will spend so much more on renovation.

Homescapes’ Austin tries to convince them not to sell the property, so he bought a rug as a present and a friend – YOU! He volunteered to renovate the mansion and restore it to its former glory with your help. You and Austin will work hand in hand to do a complete makeover of his ancestral house. That is the opening story of Homescapes, and players of the game already know that well. However, if you want to know more about Austin, just read on below!


Butler Turned Interior Designer

While growing up, Austin had a pet turtle, but his parents decided to put the animal in a zoo. Unlike in Gardenscapes where Austin had a lot of friends and neighbors, Austin only has a few in Homescapes. One of them is Katherine, and she is a very close friend. Austin now has a pet Bird with him. It is delivered to his home shortly after arrival.

Austin went to a Butler Academy, where he learned to be a butler – just like his father. For some time, he went working for a certain household until he decided to visit his parents back home. Upon returning home, Austin unleashed his skills in interior designing.

He finds that the old house really needs a lot of work and refurbishing. He bought a brand new chair, sofa, installed new shelves, and laid out new carpets. Austin’s ultimate goal is to spruce up his old home and convince his parents to not sell the property. This can all be done with your help, of course!


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Make Things Work At Homescapes

Your home improvement project is nothing without earning stars in different Homescapes levels. Collect them all to spruce up the old dusty mansion! Aside from the stars, you also earn coins and boosters that will help you throughout the game.

You can add new furniture and do other tasks once you have the stars to use. There are many tips and tricks to help you throughout the game. Look out for hints as well! Try to be more social by connecting the game to your Facebook account. In case you run out of game lives, you can ask a friend or two to send some for you!


Changing Costumes

When it is already night time and everyone is preparing for another day, you will see that Austin is already in his pajamas. His pajamas are in blue and white stripes, plus a pajama cap on his head. The next day, Austin will be in a white shirt with a red bow tie and blue jeans with light blue suspenders. This is his daily outfit.


Start The Homescapes Makeover Game


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Several Homescapes areas need your creativity and designer skills. Furnishing and decorating are necessary for the kitchen, hall, living room, and other areas including the garage. You have thousands of options to choose from. You are free to explore your creativity, so have an eye for the tiniest details to bring out the best in every task. Play along with Austin to create unique home designs. In the course of the game, you will fix the house, save some characters, and even help Austin from difficult situations.