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How would you like to become a master of fruit slicing? When the video game was introduced in 2020 by Halfbrick, it became an instant hit. It was the most excellent fruit-slicing game in the world though it is not your typical ninja fighting adventure game. Here comes your ultimate arcade challenge, so be ready to play. Take out and unsheathe your blades to start playing the game that is loved by millions of players.

Choose between three classic game modes – Classic, Arcade, and Zen. Both the Classic and Arcade modes are similar in many ways. Cut as many fruits as you can. Slice combos or various fruits to earn more points. Avoid those bombs and other obstacles, so you’re game won’t be over soon. Your set will also end if you miss cutting three fruits, so be careful and watch out for every move.

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Image Source: Get the real ‘Fruit Ninja’ on the VR platform

Moreover, play endlessly in Classic mode and see how long you will last without hitting the bomb or fruits on the line! On the other hand, you only have 60 seconds to get as many scores as you can. Also, you can use power-ups and individual bananas to gain more scores in the gameplay.

If you want to hone your ninja style and skills, select the zen mode, and play it with your friends! You can start practicing some slicing and chopping abilities that you can use in the future! Who knows? You might be one of the famous ninja chefs in the world! Besides, Ninja Fruits best played if you want a more relaxing and challenging match experience. Slash your energy all the way to get a high score more than ever!

Special Game Modes in Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has unique game modes that you can also try. Would you like to try the Multiplayer mode? Find a friend who will sit next to you and play with you on the same screen. Choose between the Classic Attack and Zen Duel to see who among you will be the best Fruit Ninja. If you want to experience a more competitive element of the game, Festival mode is the one. It allows you to join the competition and battle your way to becoming the ultimate ninja. It has three ways to match up – Tournament, Minigames, and Challenge.

Battle against your opponents using Gold Apples, and an incredible prize awaits you in the Tournament. Plus, Play the Minigames and spend Starfruit to win Gold Apples that you can use in the Challenge and Tournament. Get the Fruit Ninja arcade game on your PC today and enjoy a better gaming experience. Don’t miss out on any slicing action when you download and play on a bigger screen.

You can surely keep smashing and cutting those fruits without any game lags to avoid ending the game sooner than you expected. There are other games that Halfbricks has to offer. Try them if and test your abilities in this adventure and maximize your skill without even doubting. Are you ready to dive into every challenge? Hurry up and look on the list now!

Jetpack Joyride

In this endless runner action video game, you will be insane on the edge of your seat, along with over 750 million other players. Join Barry Steakfries in his quest to steal jetpacks from a secret laboratory and beat the scientists. You will control the struggling gramophone salesman as he rises on the screen, and the jetpacks fired along the journey. Don’t let go of the control so that Barry won’t fall. Travel as far as you can as you collect coins and avoid hazards, like missiles, zappers, and high-intensity laser beams. Avoid contact with these objects that would result in instant death. Enjoy explosive action, crazy jetpacks, classic vehicles, huge rewards, and wacky gadgets.

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Dan the Man

Save the day and be a legend. Play the hard-hitting action platformer, Dan the Man, and send your enemies flying in the air. Follow the story of Dan sets in a computer game style. The hero with a cracking funny story will join the fight using his excellent fighting skills with an epic arsenal of weapons. When an evil organization emerged, the village is in danger. Your girlfriend, Josie, is fighting to survive, and you have to save the day at the perfect time. Play the Campaign mode and follow Dan in his adventure. Reach the top and show your best to the world in the Endless Survival mode. Adventure mode will let you try exciting challenges and different kinds of games while you unlock exclusive skins and fabulous prizes.

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Image Source: Dan The Man OST – Helloween (Halloween Event)


Battle Racing Stars

Get ready to race and battle your way to victory in Battle Racing Stars racing game with your friends! In just two minutes, enjoy a fun-packed new experience in quick races. There are tons of amazing characters from other Halfbrick games to unlock and upgrade. Choose a style, such as Dan from Dan the Man, the ninjas from Fruit Ninjas, or Barry from Jetpack Joyride, and use its abilities when you race against your rivals. Also, get a chance to run alone while you customize your favorite runners using awesome skins. Have fun while killing some time. Sounds great?

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Magic Brick Wars

Ready your Raskulls and choose among your favorite characters from Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Dan the Man, and Battle Racing Stars to battle real-time opponents. These epic heroes have unique abilities to avoid and conquer deadly traps in real-time multiplayer games. Play the arcade game and start collecting dozens of cards that you can upgrade. These cards feature loads of spells, troops, and defenses. Show your smart moves and quick-thinking skills to win against your opponents! Fight for glory in the Arena, and be on top of the leaderboards at all times.