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Dominoes Guide: Gather Around & Play The Game For Free


Dominoes is one of the most popular board games that can get the whole family or group together and enjoy some bonding time. The game has existed for hundreds of years, and its earliest mention was during the 13th century Song dynasty. Playing the game involves using a set of rectangular tiles or dominoes. Twice as long as they are full, dominoes are now made of a variety of materials today. Modern mass production used different materials, such as plastic, metal, stone, and wood.

Dominoes may be plain or decorated on one face while the other has two sets of spots called pips. In some cases, the piece may be blank, or there are no pips at all, even on both ends. Typically, a set or deck consists of 28 dominoes. Each tile will have pips that will represent the numbers with 21 pairs. Throwing of each piece can be done with a standard dice while there are seven additional tiles with a zero or a blank. Take note that more massive sets with more pips can make room for more players.

Moreover, domino provides a rule book out in the game, and they are effortless to follow. You must start with two to four players to join in the game and remember the instructions carefully to succeed at each phase. Remember that three modes are available, and you are free to select it at your most convenience. You can choose to play the Draw, Block, and All Five, which only allows you to play against one opponent. Although they seem to be the same dominoes, different rules apply for each of these modes. If you like, you can try and download the game now on your PC to start the challenge!

dominoes rules
Image Source: Dominoes (by Loop Games) – classic board game


Draw Dominoes

For each round, you have to play until one player has no more dominoes left or until all players are blocked. The player with the highest double gets to start the game. When one player gets stuck, they need to draw a domino from the boneyard, which has not yet been placed. The player may also choose to pass, so the other players get their turn. All dominoes can only connect to 2 other dominoes. Get a chance to win the round once all your dominoes are drawn and compare to all other tiles! Otherwise, you lose the round. Also, the winner scores the total number of remaining pips of the opponent. Win and be the first one to score 100 points!

Block Dominoes

The same draw dominoes directions apply to this mode. The only difference lies when there is no more move left, and the player needs to pass a turn. This thing lets you get a player’s move to add it to your piece instead. You can win the game by blocking others in gameplay. As simple as that! Does this sound exciting to you? Well, it’s not the time for revenge, but energize and trick the other players around! It’s your time to shine to take those turns and keep up your head in the game!

Dominoes All Five

You need to be extra careful and take a lot of considerations before diving into a move. If the total is a multiple of five, you will immediately get the number of points and add these to your score. Besides, when the spinner has posed, the first double domino can connect to 4 other dominoes as well. To win the dominoes free game, you need to earn 150 points. You think you can do it?

Play Now with Friends

The game will surely bring you and your family some fun times! Download this game and play it differently. Of course, the more, the merrier. It’s your time to trick and set the challenge and keep the game burning until the end. Do you have any feedback on the game as well? Want to share it with everyone else? Drop it here now!