How Hooks Millions of Players Until Now


Everyone can still remember how they got hooked into playing Snake, right? It is the classic mobile game of the early 2000s. has a similar premise, but it has a new and modern twist to it. Aside from simply making the worm longer and bigger, you get to enjoy playing it with other players around the world in real-time!

Millions of people from around the world are addicted to this game. With simple gameplay and great graphics, it’s not hard to see why. Until today, remains as one of the most popular games for mobile. Let’s see some of the other reasons why this game remains popular until today.

An Upgraded Snake Game Experience

Since its release in 2016, remains to be a popular game as of today. With its modern two-dimensional design, players experience an upgraded version of the classic Snake game.

Like in Snake, you start off as a really small and skinny worm. As you eat more and more food, your worm gets bigger and longer. Your score also goes higher. However unlike in Snake where the chances of dying becomes higher when you grow longer, this is not the case with

In, becoming a bigger worm is an advantage. That’s because there is a better chance that other worms will die when they crash into you. And when this happens, they become delicious glowy snacks for you and other worms in the area! popular game
Image Source: game Has a Multi-Player Function

Snake is a one-player game, but can be played against multiple players online – and in real time! You can also go against AI when you choose to play in offline mode. Playing against AI is a better option if you have unstable internet connection, or if you just want to practice playing the game.

Playing online is great for players who are looking for more competition. This is because the chances of bumping into bigger worms are higher. Other players are also very strategic and aggressive, and they can trap and eat you inside the arena if you don’t employ a strategy.

Design & Customize Your Worms

This option allows players to show off their personal preferences and personality on their worm. Your worm’s skin, color or overall look can be changed anytime you like on! On any given day, you will see tons of worms on your screen and it can quickly become confusing if you don’t customize your worm. So give it a unique skin or color to differentiate your worm from all the others. There’s a wide array of colors, patterns, and even premium designs to choose from!

No One Can Really Master The Game

Just like in Snake, dying in means that you lose your progress and you have to start out as a small worm once again. Sure, you can hold a world record for a certain time, but whenever you start a new game – you will always start out as a small worm. popular game
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This mechanic ensures that no one can monopolize the mastery of the game. Unlike other games where the best players can upgrade and maintain certain rankings, the playing field for is almost always levelled.

You can be the biggest and “baddest” worm in the game. However, you cannot always go on like that. At some point or another, you will eventually crash into another worm or bump into a dead end. So, better enjoy the game while it lasts! You can always start a new round anyway. Is Playable on Both Mobile & Desktop

Since the game is playable on both mobile and PC, this makes it is very convenient and accessible for players of all ages! Along with its easy to learn premise and simple game controls, constantly attracts more and more players from different corners of the world.