Top 3 Reasons Why Wordscapes Is So Relaxing to Play


If you are a real word puzzle enthusiast, you would have played Wordscapes by now. Available in different levels and difficulties, Worscapes put your word knowledge to the test. The game combines word searching and crossword puzzles in one addictive game.

The best thing is that the game does not have a time limit, so you can solve each word puzzle at your most convenient time! Wordscapes might be a challenging word game, but it is also quite relaxing at the same time. If you haven’t started playing Wordscapes yet, the reasons below might convince you further.

1. It’s More Than Just A Crossword Puzzle

Wordscapes is like a crossword puzzle – but without the clues. Just like a typical crossword game, the lines/boxes are also empty. Instead of clues, you will have a wheel with 6 or more letters. It’s up to you to create words from these letters. This allows the player to freely think about the words – and not be pressured or limited to a certain word that fits the clue or meaning given in the game.

There is also a shuffle button that lets you mix up the letters while a star button shows you some bonus words. Just spell the words using the given letters to fill up the blank boxes on your screen. Once it’s filled up, you move on to the next level!

2. Wordscapes Power-Ups & Hints Can Help You

To help you solve difficult Wordscapes levels, there are power-ups and hints that you can turn to. These are Bullseye, Lightbulb, Rockets, and Bees (that you can earn from Daily Gifts). Bullseye will reveal a single letter on a blank box of your choosing. If you want to reveal multiple letters, you can choose a Light Bulb instead. The rocket will also reveal multiple letters from different areas of the puzzle. Lastly, the Spelling Bee can reveal letters while there are still coins left.

These power-ups and hints helps players move on from a particularly difficult level. No need to rack your brains just to search for the right word. There is always a hint you can use to speed up and move on to the next level.

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3. You Can Work On A Strategy At Your Own Pace

Unlike other games, Wordscapes can be played at your own pace. You don’t have to compete with others to gain a certain rank. You can always play the levels at your own pace and time. This also means that you can work on a personal strategy at your own pace too.

For starters, you can try out these common strategies. First, try to spell out the bonus words first on most levels. Then spell the longest word that will fit in the puzzle to get the most letter clues. Also, try to guess other words that don’t fit before completing the puzzle and moving on to the next one.

Furthermore, add an “S” (if it appears on the wheel) to every word possible to add to your Wordscapes bonus. A double “S” means almost all words can be pluralized. Try to abbreviate as well because it might do the trick. And don’t forget to shuffle if you are at a loss for words!

Relax & Learn at the Same Time with Wordscapes!

Wordscapes’ gameplay is both fun and educational at the same time. It is also perfect and appropriate for players of all ages! Enjoy the pleasant and relaxing experience while stimulating your brain with different words to spell. Think of how it can boost your brainpower and improve your vocabulary skills as well. Motivating. Engaging. Interactive. That’s what Wordscapes has in store for you!

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