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Wordscapes & Other Puzzle Word Play Games


Have you ever played a game and became addicted to it? Well, whatever kind or type of game that will be, no one can deny that there are loads of fun and addictive games that’s available online. For sure, some players have taken out into the next level of playing their favorite games all at once.

But at some point, how and why does a game become addictive? Most especially when it’s online? Online games enable everyone to grasp the experience and opportunity to engage and communicate with other people with less or minimum effort. Also, everyone gains the chance of interacting and socializing with others (in different parts of the world) without being judged at all. Perhaps, that’s quite a serious and real note there.

Games are addictive in many phases. It may be because of the graphics, the storyline, the characters, or probably because it’s fun. The idea of realizing that you trapped in a series of addictive games might come close to real life. Moreover, you might be playing some of such addictive games since your childhood days. Let’s say that those matches were some multiplayer and real-time games. Another thing that you can think of is word games.

Addictive in a Positive Way

Word games? Really? Why are word games deemed to be an addictive game? Most probably because word games (like writing games, too) has something to do with the intellectual intelligence of every person.

Generally speaking, it helps develop a persons’ vocabulary and enables you to think more deeply about words. The fun starts to rise when you are engaged in thinking deeper and create more words than you used to be. Plus, it is easy to get along with your friends and family since it is quite a challenging match too.

No wonder, there are users and even real gamers who are into playing word puzzles. Well, it does not only improve your brain, but it widens your vocabulary as well. For instance, everyone has tried to play out some word games online.

There may be a lot of puzzles out there, but you might have heard of the game that stood out among everyone else. Besides, it might be best for you to discover why these games have become addictive more than ever.

Wordscapes Puzzle Game

One of the ideal puzzle games that anyone can try and catch out on your PC’s is the Wordscapes Puzzle. You might be one of those people who have experienced and enjoyed playing the game and its features.

Ideally, the game was released in 2018 and continues to run through the online community up until today. There are over 10 million people around the globe that can’t stop playing the game. That’s quite an insane value of people who loves to deepen their vocabulary.

wordscapes puzzle gameplay

Wordscapes has become one of the trending puzzles games of 2019. The fun fact that lies within the game are that they have recently introduced Master Levels. In this scenario, this kind of level starts at 6001 up to 8000. So, if you’re getting nearer to that level, better prepare for something even more!

Moreover, the game defines a relaxed and calming setting throughout the game, as what other player says, it’s not like an ordinary word puzzle game that you know. There’s a dynamic movement with exciting features hidden in the game.

Of course, it’s better to play in your PC and enjoy solving these games with your family and friends. Plus, players can cover out some techniques and strategies too online to fulfill the puzzle and move on to the next level. But remember to settle out with the tips and not the cheats!

Well, probably, that’s one of the reasons why online word puzzle games are so addictive. You get to bond with your closest members, don’t want to stop trying out new words, and dare to enhance your vocabulary set even more.

Enjoy Other Cool Word Puzzle Games

It is not only Wordscapes that carries out the whole idea of online word puzzles games. There are a lot more word games that anyone can find online and play on their PCs. If you want to grasp some idea, then perhaps, you might want to try some of the best.

typeshift puzzle word game

Typeshift goes beyond the ordinary puzzle that you might have encountered. As for how it defines, every player needs to shift around to be able to come up into a new word and play through the level.

words with friends puzzle word games

Another set of word puzzle games to enjoy is Words with Friends. The game is very social and interactive to play with your friends. It focuses on coordination and team play. Words with Friends is one of the famous word games that you might have already played.

word cookies puzzle games

Lastly, Word Cookies word puzzle game will bring waken up your stomach for a yummy treat. It’s like Wordscapes, but just with cookies. It’s a fun combination of hobby and learning at the same time!

Above all, word games might be addictive but in a positive way. It’s quite better to know that you are not only playing the game as it is, but you are also learning more than what you expect.