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Plague Inc vs Rebel Inc – Get to Know Ndemic’s Simulation Masterpieces


Does the game Plague Inc. ring a bell to you? Well, for most players, it does because it’s one of the most anticipated games up to date. And thanks to the geniuses behind the game, Ndemic Creations, it couldn’t be brought to life. So who are Ndemic Creations? It is an independent game studio based in the UK that develops high-quality strategy games. Besides the famous Plague Inc., they are also the creators of Rebel Inc.

Luckily for Ndemic Creations, both the games they’ve created are highly favored by gamers. Because of their unique gameplay with very realistic elements, a lot of people loved playing these games. And with both games’ huge success, even by developing just two games, Ndemic Creations are one of the unexpected successful game creators in the world.

Let’s dive in to know more about these popular games.

What is Plague Inc?

Plague Inc. is a simulation game that deals with mass extinction through a pandemic or outbreak. Created in May 2012, this game has become a global hit just weeks after it was released. What’s more interesting is that the game has even become more popular first during the Ebola Virus outbreak and then today with the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

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Image Source: Plague Inc: Evolved – Creating the Ultimate Plague

This game is straightforward to play. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gamer, you can easily understand how to play the game in less than an hour. There are no skills or attack combinations to familiarize nor complicated game controls to memorize. However, since this is a strategy game, what you need to create and master out is your strategy to win the game.

What is Rebel Inc?

Rebel, Inc. engages in military insurgence. Released in December 2018, this simulation game delves into the complexities and consequences of foreign intervention and counter-insurgency. Like Plague Inc., it also is one of the tops played games in the world, garnering over a million downloads in two years.

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Image Source: REBEL INC.

Both novice and expert gamers have a chance to play this game as it is not difficult to play. It only has simple game controls and smooth gameplay. But the challenge lies in finding the right tactic to manage and both civilians and military and rebuild their government. So players need to find the best tactics to win and unlock each region.

How Are They Similar?

Both of these games have a lot in common – game controls and overall quality graphics. Although they differ in-game features, such as the options, the elements of the game, the layout. But still, they are similarly played.

So, how are they related when it comes to game controls? Well, the first thing is that you can play the game by merely tapping through the options. For Plague Inc., some of the options include the disease types and the elements where you can upgrade the pathogen, such as symptoms, transmission mode, and resistance. As for Rebel Inc., the option where you can control is the operations, where you can choose three elements to upgrade: civilian, government, and military. Keep in mind that although the options are different, it’s the way how the games are similar.

When it comes to the game’s overall graphics, both of the games have very decent graphics. Though they are only a 2D-graphic game, they are highly precise and glitch-free. These characteristics make the games more attractive to players.

How Plague Inc & Rebel Inc differ?

Both of the games only have a few differences to note. One of these new distinctions is the objective of the game. For Plague Inc., it focuses on extinction. As for Rebel Inc., it focuses on restoring order to the region. Based on both of the game’s objectives, they are the same on both sides of the spectrum – It is the will to kill and the will to revive.


Given the individual connections of the game, it’s safe to say that Rebel Inc. is somewhat a carbon copy of Plague Inc. However, we should also not deny the fact that each game presents its engagement and fun to players, making them both unique in their ways.