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Most Annoying Elden Ring Enemies


Elden Ring is a critically acclaimed open-world adventure role-playing game (RPG) that has taken the world by storm since its announcement in 2021. This action RPG is the byproduct of creator Hidetaka Miyazaki who made Dark Souls, and George R.R. Martin who’s behind the renowned Game of Thrones saga. Furthermore, the game’s popularity is evident through its impressive sales numbers and a majority of positive reviews. However, the Elden Ring enemies make the experience more terrific.

When two brilliant minds work together, the results are almost always phenomenal. And Elden Ring’s popularity is proof that the developers and creators did an amazing job with the game. In fact, its fame could be thanks to the incredibly rich fantasy world brimming with exciting battles against enemies and numerous quests.

Annoying, Scary, & Tough Elden Ring Enemies

Apart from the many Elden Ring classes to choose from, there is also no shortage of Elden Ring enemies that test a player’s superior gaming skills. Consequently, creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware developers added a unique element to the game’s vast open-world feature. That element is the addition of significantly “normal” fiends. However, in the books, there are stronger enemies present. Due to this copiousness, bosses are not the only ones pushing players to their limits.

Dogs & Rats Gather in Overwhelming Numbers

If you have played any game created by FromSoftware, you ought to know how annoying dogs and rats are. Despite being stapled low-level enemies, these creatures usually attack in groups. Alone, these Elden Ring enemies are not much of a challenge. Therefore you should be able to learn counter-attacks through a couple of battles. The problem lies in the fact that dogs and rats rarely isolate themselves from their packs. With their mobility and aggression, it’s highly unlikely not to get stunned by two or three enemies with synced attacks.

Giant Crows Appear Confounded

Giant Crows are hostile Elden Ring enemies found near the Forsaken Ruins of the town of Caelid. These ill-starred fiends are usually found perched atop ramshackle ruins and trees, seemingly guarding treasures. What makes the Giant Crows annoying, aside from the hard blows they deliver, is their unpredictability. Moreover, their helter-skelter movements and fake staggering animations bait players into doing untimely attacks.

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Spiders Shaped Like a Human Hand

This out-of-this-world species easily takes a spot in the nightmare-inducing Elden Ring enemies. It looks like a spider with 12 human fingers as its legs. Not only is this species horrifying to look at but it also has insanely good tracking speed, quickly closing in gaps between it and the players. Additionally, you’ll find a ring on its middle finger that inflicts long-range damage. Fingercreepers are often found hanging from walls or ceilings in Mt. Gelmir, Caria Manor, and Mountaintops of the Giants

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Preceptor Miriam

Many players not only enjoy the Elden Ring Co-Op mode but also take pride in their PVP skills. This time, the game’s PVP incursions happen whenever one player disrupts another’s gameplay session. Sometimes, things do not simply go as planned. During PVP invasions, there is a likelihood that NPC Invaders pop out all of a sudden. The Preceptor Miriam is probably One of the most annoying NPC Invaders. This dark mage can release various spells and skills that easily decimate a newbie. If that is not annoying enough, the Preceptor Miriam teleports around the area to escape or deal damage.

Lesser Runebears

Another peeving Elden Ring enemies are the Lesser Runebears. Do not be fooled by the word “lesser” preceding their name. Although not as tough as their Runebear brothers, Lesser Runebears still possess a lot of pesky attributes. The general rule of Soulsborne games is “the bigger the size, the slower the enemy is;” which is a far cry from the attributes of the Lesser Runebears. Furthermore, they boast an elite combination of strength, agility, and built with aggressive attack patterns and decent damage; making them galling to fight off.

Lightning Orbs & Ancestral Followers

Despite being one of the most picturesque locations in-game, Siofra River is home to several frustrating Elden Ring enemies. It is highly unlikely not to stumble upon Lightning Orbs while completing quests around the Siofra River Well. These nettlesome small balls appear out of nowhere, take no damage, but can one-shot gamers. Moreover, when they target-lock you, it takes a grueling effort to escape their range and avoid getting zapped.

Last but certainly not the least of bothersome Elden Ring enemies is the Ancestral Follower. We are talking specifically of the one wielding a bow. The Ancestral Follower is the bane of all players crossing the Siofra River. With an aimbot feature enabled, not only will every arrow precisely hit you but also sweep you over even from a distance. Once the Ancestral Follower gains aggro on you, there’s no escaping its aggression except to leave the area and run in a zigzag manner.

elden ring ancestral followers
Image Source: Elden Ring’s Cheapest & Most Annoying Enemies

So if you’re one of the players who easily gets miffed by any encountering irritating fiends, prepare yourself to be even more annoyed. Consider this list of vexing Elden Ring enemies an overview of the many creatures in the game. But that does not mean you should not play Elden Ring. Pesky fiends aside, the game offers a plethora of exciting quests and a really deep yet engaging storyline that only George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki can deliver, combined. So, if you want more updates and news regarding Elden Rings, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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