Secretlab and League of Legends Collaboration for Limited Edition Chairs

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Out of nowhere, Secretlab and Riot Games made a pact to create something that League of Legends players will want to buy: limited edition champion-themed gaming chairs. They created 4 models: Yasuo, Ahri, Akali and KDA. You can pick from Omega (Small and Medium) or Titan (Large) size for any of the 4 models. The chairs are now available on the Secretlab website.

Not the First Collaboration

If you didn’t know, Secretlab has been a long time partner with League of Legends. They are the official gaming chairs for the pro scenes including LCS, MSI and Worlds. Of course, not every League player is into the esports scene which is why both companies decided to create dedicated gaming chairs for specific champions – particularly Ionians. For the unfamiliar, Ionians are from a land called Ionia – a region within Runeterra. Ionia has a heavy Asian influence, combining cultures of Japan, China, Korea and India. Also, Ionians happen to be one of the most popular characters in the game – specifically Yasuo, Ahri and Akali.


Great Chairs for the Right Money

Gaming chairs may look great but they are notorious for their prices. An average high-end gaming chair costs at least $200 to $300. since the League of Legends chairs are limited editions, each chair costs $350 to $500, depending on the size. Secretlab uses 100% premium PU leather and caster wheels for the ultimate comfort. The armrests comes with 4D adjustments. Additionally, the chairs also include 2 pillows: 1 lumbar and 1 head.


Different Designs, Same Performance

The only reason why you would want to buy these chairs is for your love for the League champs. Overall, the performance of the chairs is the same as any Omega and Titan chair. Also, just because you own one of these chairs does not guarantee better game performance and higher elo. Gaming chairs will not affect your Ranked games.