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The Sapphire Star’s Beginner’s Guide to Monster Hunter World

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Bringing next-generation graphics, and new features into modern consoles, Monster Hunter World captured the hearts of many gamers worldwide. Millions of fans jumped into the fifth fleet as New World hunters and took on monsters the size of buildings. But while it’s a beautiful, and fun action RPG, it remains true to its roots, as a challenging, skill-based franchise. If you’re new to the franchise, but want to join the pack, you might find it difficult to ease into. Luckily for you, a bright Sapphire Star is here to guide you through the ropes of being a New World hunter.


Explore the World of Monster Hunter

As you can guess from the title, Monster Hunter World is a game that will force you to battle monsters. They can range from any size and form, whether they are about your height or as big as Mount Everest. As a hunter, your job is to track them down, collect clues about their existence, and hunt them for gear. In addition, you’re also able to collect various objects around you when you explore the different areas in the game. You can use these collected items to craft consumables like potions, or bombs, which are important for your hunter life.

So that’s the basic idea of what your New World hunter life is going to be from now on. Now, the first thing we’re going to talk about in this beginner’s guide is the neat concept of world exploration. It’s integral that you explore as much as you can as early as you can in this action RPG game. You should probably pay close attention to the dialogues, especially at the start, during the tutorial, as these are helpful. Exploration plays a vital role in this game, and every information you can get your hands on is crucial.

I’ll emphasize this as early as now, that preparation is key on every hunting, gathering, or expedition quest you’ll undertake. Never leave the town without enough potions, traps, bombs, and never take on hunting quests without wearing the appropriate gears. There are many elements of surprises in this game, and some available quests may not always look like what it seems. The quest time limit is 50 minutes, so try to explore, gather materials, and complete the quest before it’s up.


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A Hunter Collects Anything, Crafts Everything

Once you’ve collected many materials through gathering, or hunting quests, you can go ahead and craft something out of them. Understand that it’s more effective and efficient to craft your consumables and gears instead of buying them from NPC vendors. The game encourages you to dwell in crafting as you can create more potent potions and powerful bombs that way. This goes for the gears as well, as crafting weapons and armors from monster parts can make you more powerful.

One rule of thumb is to hoard all the materials you’ve gathered during an exploration, or quest, and keep them in storage. More powerful gears often require materials from weaker monsters you’ve fought before, so it’s always handy to keep spare materials. Monster Hunter World also forces you to hunt the same monster more than once if you’re aiming for its material. Not all the gear crafting materials you’ll need will drop in one hunting quest, so prepare to hunt multiple times.

Monster materials are RNG based here, and sometimes you’ll get lucky to get the ones you need, other times, you won’t. However, you can increase your chance of getting a specific part by either breaking it off or capturing the monster. So it’s important to adjust accordingly, and bring the necessary items to a hunt if you’re gunning for parts. Another way of collecting materials, especially those that can’t be carved out of monsters, is to cultivate them through farming. Progress far enough, you’ll get access to the farm, where you can collect materials in the field.


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Know Yourself, Understand Your Enemy

Now that we’ve covered exploration, collection, and crafting, let’s talk about the game’s combat system. Fighting huge monsters is a hunter’s way of life, and where all that exploring, collecting and crafting eventually leads to. This is a skill-based game, it’s not enough to have the best gears, and most powerful items to bring enemies down. And how you perform in combat dramatically affects your ability to succeed as a monster hunter in the New World. So in monster hunting, there are two fundamental points you need to understand, first your playstyle, then your enemy’s movements.

Let’s talk about playstyle first as the game offers 14 weapons you can use, each with its unique style. Case in point, Great Swords and Hammers are for players who like to wait for the right moment before striking. These massive weapons can dish out substantial damages, but often slow, and can leave huge openings if the attack misses. On the other hand, Insect Glaives, and Dual Swords are versatile weapons with mediocre damage, but great for dodging attacks. Whichever weapon you use, make sure it matches the role you want to fill, and give yourself time to master it.

The vital information is understanding your enemy’s movements and attacks. Every monster has different movesets, weaknesses, attack patterns, and openings. A hunter like you needs to study all these, and use it to your advantage. Doing so will make the most out of your hunt; you’ll be able to maximize damage output while minimizing risks. Make a habit of gathering monster clues scattered around the field, and check your Hunter Notes to know your enemies’ weaknesses.

Lastly, you need to take into account that Monster Hunter World is meant to be played as a multiplayer game. Like wolves, hunters are stronger when in a pack, and your friends can help you take on tougher monsters. Hunting in a party enables you to fill the gap you lack when you hunt solo and makes subjugating monsters bearable. So be sure to use the signal flare when the going gets tough, there is no shame in it.


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Tips and Tricks for the Fledgling Hunter

Now before we end this guide, here are a few additional tips for fledgling hunters like yourself. These tips can help improve your “quality of life” in Monster Hunter World.

  1. Make use of the Radial Menu as this makes it easier for you to use consumables in a tough fight. You can turn the tide of any battle with just a properly timed flash bomb.
  2. Make item sets for different situations, as both the environment, and monster in the field can give you abnormal statuses. Carry as many consumables as you can, but try not to overburden your inventory.
  3. Mixing and matching armors and weapons is vital to get the necessary skills you need to take down a monster. Mind your weaknesses, and try to fill the gap in your armor if you can.

Ultimately, how you want to succeed as a hunter depends upon you. Are you someone who wants to party up with friends and take on the New World together? Maybe you’re the type who seeks glory by challenging your limits, and taking on enemies alone? However, you want to go about it, just know that there are always veterans you can ask for help. Sapphire Stars, who are more than happy to guide beginners like you in Monster Hunter World.