The Tier List Corner: The Best Agents of Valorant For August 2020


If you are into shooting games, you might have heard about Valorant a lot. Ever since its initial release, Valorant has reached the top, and millions of players loved how the game works. Although it went through a lot of controversies, users are still doing their best to become the most valuable player. Of course, that comes with a goal to ace the gameplay too, which is quite hard to achieve these past few days. But for those people who have no idea how the game works, this post will entirely help you to figure it out.

What’s more, we will show you the list of the best agents these months and the reason why picking them could help you ace your game. For sure, if you’re a new player, you will be able to achieve all the necessary missions without hesitation. So, what are you waiting for now? Scroll down and see how everything works with Valorant.




Valorant Game Overview

Before jumping in through the agents, you should take a quick shift on what is Valorant and how did it start. Initially, Valorant is a tactical multiplayer first-person shooting game. Riot Games are the one published the play, originally for Microsoft Windows. Moreover, it was first introduced under the codename Project A in October 2019. The game started doing a beta period that will only last until April 7, 2020, followed by the official release of the game last June 2, 2020.

Valorant has multiple game modes for players to enjoy. It has Standard, Spike Rush, Competetive, and Death Match that any player can enter. Each match has a different requirement that needs to get fill in whenever a player jumps in. Like any other fps game, Valorant is a multiplayer match. So, that means that you can invite all of your friends whenever you are free.

The nicest thing about Valorant is that all agents have unique abilities to make the match a bit more intense. If you’re not familiar with the agents of Valorant, we provided you with a Tier List of the Best Agents this August 2020.  This matter should help you gain a lot more knowledge about what role you are going to pick.


B Tier Agent




If you want to know who’s the fastest agents in Valorant, then call no other than Jett. She represents her home country South Korea with her quick movements and vertical abilities. This girl duelist commands air so she can be able to set in motion her skills forwards or upwards. Her passive enables her to glide rather than fall off the ground, which the players see as a plus point.

Admittedly, Jett is quite hard to deal with. But if Jetts perfectly lands into a keen user, all of her skills can be effective and destructive. Her Ultimate skill captures her into holding a lot of throwing knives. This matter can enable her to perform headshots and one-shot skills to the opponent with a sufficient amount of damage. Overall, Jett’s ability is pretty impressive, depending on how you are going to execute it. The most effective way for you to master Jett is to know the correct timing above all matter.

Other than Jett, the agents who belong to the B Tier are also Raze, Breach and Viper


Valorant A Tier Agent




Killjoy has already been nailing her role ever since she was first introduced in Valorant. As one of the newest members, players have been dying to know what kind of gameplay could she contribute to the match. Killjoy is the third sentinel agent in the game, and her strategy is somewhat alike with Cypher and Raze. Mainly, that’s because she has a huge range of gadgets. This thing can enable her to detect information and set-up her skills right through the map.

Because of her distinct abilities, Killjoy’s debut has been compared to Reyna’s. Eventually, they both had the same successful release before the team figured out some techniques to stop Reyna. Still, although it is too early to say that Killjoy is better, she absolutely brings a lot of points into the table.

Her ability to distract the opponents through her turrets can be seen as one of the most effective and deadliest strategies in the match so far. Killjoy’s overall ability is undoubtedly a hit that any squad would totally benefit from it. With that, choosing her as your agent could enable your team to win or go for a Flawless round.

Other than Killjoy, the agents who belong to the A Tier are also Omen, Sova, and Phoenix.


S Tier Agent




Sage portrays one of the essential roles in the gameplay. She possesses the ability and the power to heal. Although Sage has been nerfed, she still runs to be the best agent in Valorant with her power to bring to a life a teammate from being killed. For players, it is highly suggested that a team should always have a Sage. This thing is for everyone to fully maximize the chances of winning in the match.

Even if some people consider Sage mostly as support, Sage offers high environmental capabilities. Her slow orbs can enable the team to gather information and earn massive defending points. Plus, she can also create some walls to take her enemies by surprise. Lastly, her ultimate skill can enable each player of the team to turn around a losing point into real success. There’s no doubt that Sage positively affects the gameplay of the match through her one of a kind skills. So, if you’ll be playing Valorant Later, Sage is a huge asset.

Other than Sage, the agents who belong to the S Tier Agents are also Brimstone and Cypher.