Nioh 2 & The Anticipated PC Release


Following its initial release on March 12, 2020, Nioh 2 sold a whopping 91, 892 copies in its first week in Japan making it the best-selling game of the week. A similar occurrence happened in the UK during its first-week release in the country. Not long after, popular gaming websites like IGN and Gamespot gave it positive reviews as they were able to test the title on the Playstation 4.

As we near the latter half of 2020, avid PC fans of the Nioh series are asking for the sequel’s PC version like its predecessor. A rumor mill article posted by Gamespot on February 11th stated that Nioh 2 will get a PC release in November. However, publishers Koei Tecmo and developers Team Ninja have made no official statements.

The Answer Hidden In Uncertainty

Various Reddit threads have also come up asking the question when the game will make its way into PC. So far, there have been no definite answers. So while the developers remain silent, Nioh fans are eagerly anticipating that the odds are in their favor. Meanwhile, the first Nioh game is available on Steam under the title Nioh: Complete Edition.

Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja exclusively for the Playstation 4. The game takes place in the Sengoku era much like its predecessor but the timeline is relatively earlier. The story revolves around a character named Hide who is a “half-yokai” and his journey throughout the land. The game was first announced for the Playstation 4 at E3 2018 while its open beta launched on November 1, 2019.

The Story Behind the Infamous Nioh

The first Nioh launched worldwide in February 2017 exclusively for the Playstation 4. The story follows the journey of William during the year 1600 in Sengoku Era Japan. The setting takes place in a dark fantasy version of Japan. It also features historical figures and interesting Japanese folklore.

The gameplay is heavily influenced by the Souls series which led many players to include the title as part of the Soulsborne genre even if it wasn’t a From Software game. The title received positive reviews regarding its challenging difficulty, superb combat gameplay, and remarkable use of Japanese folklore and legends.

On the other hand, it also received some negative criticism about its story. Nioh was nominated for Best PS4 Game in the 2017 Destructoid Game of the Year Awards. It also received a similar nomination during the IGN Best of 2017 Awards on top of the Best RPG award. Nioh made its way to Windows PC in November 2017 titled Nioh: Complete Edition. The PC version of the game includes all the DLCs.