T3 Arena Tier List – The Best Characters Worth Using In the Game


Find the best heroes you must consider using on the battlefield using the T3 Arena Tier List! Released last May 26, 2022, T3 Arena is a 3v3 fast-paced hero shooting game developed and published by XD Entertainment Pte, Ltd. In this game, you’ll be randomly teamed up with two other players and immersed in the battlefield.

Choosing Your Hero in T3 Arena

There are loads of game modes to immerse yourself in T3 Arena; you can test your shooting skills in team deathmatch, where you need to shoot at least 20 opponents to make your team win. Alternatively, you can engage in the free-for-all game mode, where the player who hits 12 kills will be the declared winner and many more game modes.

Before participating in these game modes, you must choose your hero. There are more than 26 heroes in the game, and like the usual games online, only some heroes are available initially. However, you can still unlock more characters as you progress, unlock rewards, and achieve more trophies.

T3 Arena Game Match

Figuring out the perfect hero in T2 Arena is challenging, especially since each character has excellent weapons, stats, and abilities. If you’re having difficulty figuring out which hero you should invest in, let the T3 Arena Tier List help you.

T3 Arena Tier List – Unveil the Best Heroes

In T3 Arena Tier List, you’ll get a chance to see the characters ranked according to their respective powers and abilities. Like a usual tier list, the heroes are classified into 4 tiers; S, A, B, and C. The S Tier heroes represent the cream of the crop, meaning they are highly recommended to use in the game. On the other hand, C Tier characters are known to be the least heroes, which means they are not as powerful as the higher-tier heroes.

So, without further ado, here are the most formidable and worst heroes in T3 Arena;

T3 Arena Tier List – S Tier Heroes

S Tier heroes are renowned for having the most powerful skills and abilities. If you’re looking for the T3 Arena best hero who can ensure your victory in your battles, regardless of game mode, you must opt for a hero under this tier. They can withstand any situation and trounce opponents. Here are the best heroes in T3 Arena;

  • Diggy
  • Gloria
  • Iris
  • Fort
  • Labula
  • Victor


T3 Arena - Gloria
T3 Arena – Gloria


T3 Arena Tier List – A Tier Heroes

Following the S Tier T3 Arena, characters are the A Tier heroes. Like S Tier heroes, units under this tier depict formidable skills and abilities. If you’re having trouble unlocking an S Tier hero, you can alternatively use Tier characters, as they can still help you win your battles quickly. Here are the A-Tier heroes in our T3 Arena Tier List;

  • Gatlyn
  • Shell
  • Hua Ling
  • Cristina
  • Judex
  • Vincent
  • Ossas
  • Skadi
  • Mark
  • Fade
  • Yaa


T3 Arena - Skadi
T3 Arena – Skadi


T3 Arena Tier List – B Tier Heroes

If you’re having problems obtaining S and Tier heroes in T3 Arena, you can initially settle for B Tier heroes. Though they are not so effective on the battlefield, you can still count on them with their average stats and abilities in some situations. However, it is still best to replace them once higher-tier T3 Arena heroes have become available. Here are the average characters in T3 Arena;

  • Chemist
  • Johnny Jet
  • Zero-Kelvin
  • Hunter
  • Ruby
  • Sindri


T3 Arena - Hunter
T3 Arena – Hunter


T3 Arena Tier List – C Tier Heroes

If you’re fascinated by the promising skills of S Tier characters, you’ll surely feel exactly the opposite with the C Tier heroes. Though you can still use them in the early phases of the game, you still need to utilize their powers and abilities carefully. There are known to have the least powers, stats, and skills. Here are the worst T3 Arena characters;

  • Aleta
  • Jabali
  • Kazama


T3 Arena - Kazama
T3 Arena – Kazama


Getting to Know More the Best Heroes in T3 Arena

When talking about T3 Arena, the renowned formidable heroes are Iris and Victor. Here is some information about these heroes;


Though you might find Iris a support hero, you’ll find her unstoppable and formidable. To see how excellent Iris is, you can immerse this hero in FFA or Crystal Assault and see how her active abilities can bring you victory. With the help of the active skills of Iris, you can support yourself and your allies through healing, which makes enemies defeat your team.

Iris - T3 Arena Tier List
Iris – T3 Arena 



Another promising hero that you should use in T3 Arena is Victor. If you’re the type of player who wants to play assertively, this hero is for you. This hero has a vast 5500 HP and 3500 shields in its default level. If you want to witness a more powerful Victor, you can upgrade his stats and see how he can insanely conquer battles, especially in close-range battles.

Vincent - T3 Arena Tier List
Vincent – T3 Arena Tier List


Dominate the Battlefield Using the T3 Arena Tier List

Now that you already know the best and least T3 Arena characters with the help of our T3 Arena Tier List. You can start investing in formidable heroes, conquering the battlefield, and other game modes. For more tier lists or guides about your favorite game, stay tuned here in PlayPC.

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