The 9 Different Endings You Can Get on Meteor 60 Seconds!


Ever wondered what would happen if you only have 60 seconds left on Earth? What would you do? Would you do good, or would you spread hate and evil? This is the premise of Meteor 60 Seconds! When you start this fun comic-like action game, you will immediately live out the last 60 seconds of your life. This is because a meteor is fast approaching Earth, and will obliterate all life as we know it.

There are about nine different endings that you can get on Meteor 60 Seconds! The ending you get will depend on how you spent the last 60 seconds you have. If you want to experience a different ending, you can always replay the game and try out another route. It’s like watching Netflix’s Bandersnatch (Black Mirror) if you are familiar with that.

If you like spoilers, then you can read on below. But if you don’t, then stop reading right now! We are listing down all the 9 types of endings that you could get on the Meteor 60 Seconds game. Then tell us which ending is the best one for you.


1. The Killing Spree 

If you choose to spend the last 60 seconds of your life killing everyone within your path (which a lot of us would also do), then you will get a rather miserable ending. In the game, when your time is up, it will be revealed that the whole thing was just an experiment. This happens in all endings. It will be revealed that the scenario was just a personality diagnostic test that involves virtual reality programming to know your real character.

Unfortunately, your mother, girlfriend, and five-year-old nephew were watching the experiment the whole time. This ending is a disaster because your mother will be distraught that she raised a psychopath. Your girlfriend also decides to break-up because she can’t bear to be with a murderer. And your nephew thinks hurting people is fun because you looked so happy killing people.


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2. Nuclear Explosion

If you decide to kiss people instead of killing them, you could end up breaking into a nuclear facility where you can activate a reactor with a bat. This does not end prettily. You end up activating an atomic receiver, which destroys the whole planet even before the meteor hits.

After the experiment, your mother and girlfriend will say that participating in the test was a good idea. But they will also realize that you need to be isolated because you are a psychopath. Lastly, your nephew now thinks that killing is fantastic.


3. Saving the World in Meteor 60 Seconds

Let’s call this the superhero ending. This also involves you breaking into a nuclear facility, but instead of activating a reactor, you steal it and go to a space center to hijack a spaceshib. From there, you fly into space and landed on the meteor ala Bruce Willis on the Armageddon.

Basically, you sacrificed yourself to save the planet. This is probably one of the best endings because your mother and girlfriend will be impressed with your heroism. Your nephew is also impressed, and he will look up to you as a role model.


4. Is He Really A Hero?

This ending is the same as the third one, but it has a different twist. In this version, both your mother and girlfriend were skeptical about your chosen actions. Only your nephew’s reaction stays the same. He thinks his uncle is a great hero. 


5. More Killing Spree

This ending is the same as the first killing spree ending but with slight variations. This is because, after the experiment, your girlfriend called the police and your nephew attempted to go on a killing spree. Ultimately, you and your nephew are both handcuffed and arrested by the police.


6. The Funniest Ending on Meteor 60 Seconds

This is an ending within an ending. This happens when you decide to go on a kissing spree and kiss every female in your path. When you wake up, you will be confronted by your mother and girlfriend who beats you up. You will faint and wake up again – frustrated. Then, you will beat up the doctor out of frustration. This is one of the longest and funniest endings in the game.


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7. Coming Out

As the title implies, the male character will out himself in this ending. This also involves kissing everyone during the 60-second countdown. However, your character’s homosexuality became evident because he kissed males within his path. So when the experiment ended, the mother was supportive. But the girlfriend decides to break up with him, while the nephew now wants to kiss boys. Lastly, your character will be asked out by the doctor.


8. Escaping Alone

In this ending, the experiment did not end immediately like the other endings. It restarts again with you doing the same things twice. In the second round, you save yourself by hijacking a spaceship and set off outside Earth. As expected, the mother is disappointed while the girlfriend decides to leave you for being selfish. But the nephew remains supportive of the decision and also decides to save himself before humanity.


9. Just Breathing

Last but not the least is the normal ending. If you choose to do nothing the whole time – just standing around and breathing, you will kind of “pass” the personality test. In the end, your mother and girlfriend will be proud. But your nephew finds it boring. Better boring than a murderer though, right?

So now that you have all the possible endings, which one do you like best? Do you want to go for the disturbing ones or the funny ones? Or do you want to go for the normal way and just do the right thing? Try playing Meteor 60 Seconds now and tell us how that goes for you.