Minecraft Free Skins: Where to Find & Download


While Steve and Alex may be the face of Minecraft, players do want to customize their appearance. Even if the game automatically starts you with either Steve or Alex, you can always modify it with a skin. In this article, we will go over the simplest ways to get skins – the legal way. First of all, make sure that you are playing the latest version of Minecraft. This is to help sync with the materials found in the skins. Also, the updated version usually contains many free skins for its registered users.

From Mojang, To The Community

The first and most obvious place to look for free skins is the main menu of Minecraft. As long as you are on the right server, you should find a Customize option. Click on it and there you will find plenty of available skins. Most of these are free although the more detailed and finely modified skins require real money purchasing. The premium ones are very optional but they do help out the creator. After all, your purchase goes directly to the modder in courtesy of Mojang’s way to support its community.

This is also the easiest location to look for the skins you want. They are usually categorized based on their themes including animals, time periods, and even creatures. Yet, while this is the most accessible, it certainly is not the most complete catalog of skins. The premade skins are best for Minecraft beginners. But, if you want something more extensive, you have to get out of the box and into the internet. Don’t worry, these are legit websites.

Minecraft Free Skins
Image Source: 20 Trending Minecraft Skins

Every once in a while, Mojang prepares a bundle of skins for its players. You can find them on the official Minecraft website where they drop seasonal skins for everyone. Best of all, you never have to pay a single cent for these outfits.


Minecraftskins is an unofficial website that hosts community-made skins for all to choose from. All you have to do is register your Mojang ID and you get to select whatever you like. This is objectively the best place to find skins because the website is safe and the collections are plenty. It also has a search engine that results in just about anything you could think of. However, that is not to say there could be some skin requests you want that are not on the website.

Most of all, it is a very accessible website thanks to its many ease of use features. The Favorites tab will bookmark the skins you like. It also shows a history tab of which skins you already downloaded. It may be an unofficial site, but it’s good and the MC community loves it.

Skins for Minecraft PE

If you’re playing using the Games.lol launcher, then you have the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Yes, the skin mods work for this version– although some skins are unoptimized for it. If you do find a skin that doesn’t work in MCPE, you might want to try another alternative: Skins for Minecraft PE. This is a free app that has a lot of great skins to choose from. It’s not as elaborate as MinecraftSkins, but it’ll do especially if you are looking to just color swap your characters.

Minecraft Legit Skins
Image Source: 20 Trending Minecraft Skins

However, there are some UI issues with the app that prevents it from being accessible. For example, there is no Favorites tab; which makes it harder if you plan on collecting more skins.


Another popular program is TLauncher. The best part about TL is that it supports both the PC version and the PE – meaning all skins found here are easily accessible. It is also another great app if you are looking to find more obscure and unique modified skins. Best of all, they are all free. You only need to register your name to access the skins. Additionally, it has mods for Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons too. Plus, the UI is very easy to use.

As Legitimate As It Can Get

As long as you are not whipping out your credit card or getting phished before you can get the skins, these are totally fine. The mentioned websites and apps in this article are all proven to be legitimate too as we have checked them personally.

However, there are still some websites out there that pose as skin modders but are actually phishing scams. If you do encounter steps such as filling up a survey, asking for your credit card number, phone number, and address, exit the site immediately. So, these are the places where you can get free Minecraft skins. Enjoy your newfound costumes as you shape your world in this blocky sandbox game.