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One of the latest Pokémon to join the fight in Pokémon Unite is Clefable. She is a fairy-type Pokémon who was introduced in Generation I. In the Pokémon Unite universe, Clefable Pokémon Unite is classified as a support type, which means her specialty is to provide healing and disrupt enemies during team fights. And looking at Clefable’s kits, it’s clear to see that she is more than capable of performing her role.

But how do you properly Pokémon Unite’s Clefable? What’s the best build and lane for this fairy-type Generation I Pokémon? It’s what we’ll discuss in this Clefable Pokémon Unite guide. We’ll provide some tips and information on how to properly use Clefable to make sure you maximize her potential during the match.

The Role of Clefable in Pokémon Unite

As mentioned above, Clefable is a support type of Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. Support Pokémon usually can heal teammates and provide some debuffs to enemies. Some of them can even provide buffs to teammates. For Clefable, she checks two out of three of them, healing teammates and debuffing enemies. This is mostly done through her moves. Let’s now look at the available moves she has.

Clefable Pokemone Unite
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Level 1 & 2 Moves

Heal Pulse – Restores HP to Clefable and other nearby allies
Disarming Voice – Clefable will do a charming cry that deals damage to nearby enemies and decreases their movement speed.

Level 4 Moves

Moonlight – When activated, it continually heals Clefable and all nearby Pokémon allies for a short time. Clefable’s movement speed is also increased during the short duration.
Draining Kiss – Clefable will use an energy-draining kiss and attack nearby Pokémon enemies. Enemies who are hit by the move will release an air kiss that will travel to nearby allies to heal them. If their health is full it will travel back to Clefable and heal her HP.

Level 6 Moves

Gravity – Clefable will create a gravity zone around and will persist for a period. Clefable’s attack will change while inside the gravity zone and she can deal increased damage. Enemies will also have decreased movement inside the gravity zone and their skills that have movement won’t have any effect in the gravity zone. For example, entering the zone while dashing will result in the enemy Pokémon stopping upon entering the gravity zone.
Follow Me – The Pokémon moves to a designated location while waving its finger to draw the attention of enemies it touches. Clefable will also draw the attention of enemy Pokémon near the designated location. They will go to Clefable and attack the Pokémon using their basic attack. The move also gives Clefable a shield to protect from the attacks.

Unite Move

Wonder Wish – Clefable waggles her finger and points to an area. Ally Pokémon in the area will be healed. Clefable will provide more HP the lower the ally’s health is. After this action, the fairy-type Pokémon will get a random move that it can use when it does another Unite Move. Take note that some of the random moves you’ll get will activate automatically.

With its moveset, Clefable can easily disrupt enemies during team fights while also healing allies. This is why it is considered one of the best supports available in the game.

Clefable Pokemone Unite Gravity Move
Image Source: Clefable Gravity Move


Best Pokémon Unite Clefable Build

Let us now look at the best Clefable Pokémon Unite build to use. The Pokémon can be built as full support, a provoker, or a hyper healer. Out of these three possible builds the best one is the full support. For the move sets, you go for the Moonlight and Gravity combination. You should also go for the X Speed Battle Item. And for the Handheld Items, you’ll need the following:

  • Focus Band (Def + 2 (up to +30), SP Def +0 (up to +30) – The wearer will recover 8% of its HP once its HP drops too low. It’s the most important item for Clefable and is needed for all builds.
  • Exp. Share (HP +16 (up to +240), Movement Speed 0 (up to +150)) – The wearer will gain 2 experience points per second once its experience is the lowest among the team. Nearby teammates that defeat a wild Pokémon will also gain slightly more HP.
  • Wise Glasses (SP Atk +10 (up to +39)) – Increases the SP Attack of the wearer by 3%.

Other items you might need for other builds are the following:

  • Buddy Barrier (HP+20 (up to +600) – When the wearer uses its Unite Move, the wearer and the nearby ally with the lowest shield get a shield that’s equivalent to 20% of their max HP. This item is needed for the Provoke build along with Wise Glasses and Focus Band.
  • SP Atk +8 (up to +24)) – The wearer will have its SP Attack increase by 8/12/16 when it scores a goal.

As for the lane, the best lane would be the bottom. But Clefable can also go to the top lane if needed. As good as Clefable is as a support, you need to make sure you’re always with a teammate, preferably a damage dealer. She doesn’t have an attack move that can deal tons of damage. So, on her own, she may not be that useful.

Clefable Pokemone Unite Bottom Lane


Final Words for Clefable Pokémon Unite

Clefable is one of the best support Pokémon in the game and rightfully so. Her movesets allow her to do the support role well and that’s to heal and disrupt opponents with status effects. It’s important to remember, though, that she is best as a support. You can’t suddenly use her as a damage dealer. She doesn’t have a move that can deal tons of damage. She’s also not a good solo Pokémon, so make sure you’re always accompanied by another Pokémon, preferably a damage dealer.

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