Hay Day – Tips On How To Become A Successful Farmer


If you are new to the game, or if you’re someone who recently discovered that Hay Day is playable on PC, then, you are on the right page. This is the guide you need to be successful in the game. However, before diving into the specifics, let us do a quick overview of some of the game’s iconic features.

First off, Hay Day is not a Farmville clone. Although both games feature the same theme, the developers made sure that the game has enough original features to make it stand out by itself. One example is the unlockable areas that players can also explore like the Lake, Town, and Valley. Another example is the extensive trading along with the huge collection of animals and crops.

Hay Day Game Tips

As impressive as those features may be, more original features are embedded within the game’s core. To experience it firsthand, you can try the game on PC for free. Now, let’s proceed to the basic tips and tricks that you need to become a successful farmer in the game.

1. Banking

Like most freemium games, Hay Day comes with in-game currencies which in this case, are in the form of coins and diamonds. Of the two currencies, Diamonds are the rarest since it is your key to purchasing premium items like decoration and other special products. You can also use Diamonds to speed up some of the in-game processes. Unlike coins, which are obtainable by selling crops, Diamonds are obtainable through in-game purchases, daily logins, mystery boxes, achievements, and competitions. With that said, you must always take advantage of activities that provide free Diamonds. Doing this along with smart spending will fatten up your diamond reserves in no time.




2. Crop Management

One of the most frequent activities that you will be doing in the game is planting crops. Knowing the growth duration of each crop and the yield of each seed will be helpful to your progression. Some plants take less time to harvest while others will require hours. Each crop that you plant will double upon harvest. For example, a single seed of corn will produce two seeds upon harvest. With that in mind, you must always have a game plan on planting to maximize your yield. One technique that you can do is to plant crops that take hours to harvest during workdays or before going to sleep. By the time you wake up or go home, these crops will be ready for harvest and if you have a lot of free time, you can go back to planting crops that only take minutes to harvest.

3. Scavenge For Materials and Pets

Not all building materials in Hay Day are for sale, in fact, most of the items you need to enhance your storage space are just lying around waiting for you to pick up. One of the most common locations to scavenge building materials is in the open field with your animals. These materials will randomly pop up from time to time. You can also get building materials in mystery boxes, which also pop up in random locations on your farm.

Lastly, if you are looking for a pet, you can collect vouchers by completing orders (truck and boat), crop harvests, and treasure boxes. Once you have your pets, you need to provide them with a house and feed them regularly to earn experience points. For example, Cats will require milk from cows while dogs need bacon.

4. Eliminate Mature Crops for Optimal Farming

Maximize your crop yield by removing matured plants from their patches. Simply tap on the field and use your sickle to remove them, then replant with fresh crops for continued success.


5. Slow-Growing Crops Are Highly Valuable

Don’t be discouraged by slower-growing crops like Tomatoes, as they yield higher profits due to their longer growth period. Your patience will pay off in the end.


6. Achieving a Balance between Stars and Coins

Stars represent your experience points in Hay Day and help you level up, while Coins are used for upgrades and purchases. When fulfilling orders, prioritize both earning coins and gaining stars. Don’t neglect either one, as striking a balance between them is crucial for your overall progress in the game.


7. Maintain a Supply of Seed Crops

Ensure that you always have seed crops on hand while playing Hay Day. Do not use all your seeds to fulfill orders, as you will need them later for planting. Running out of seed crops will require you to spend diamonds to purchase more, so make sure to maintain a steady supply for continued crop production without spending resources.