Playstation 5 – Why You Should Get the Console Now


Let’s admit—it is undeniably hard to decide which game console to buy, especially if you’ll take it as one of your biggest investments this year. There are loads of excellent game consoles available in the market, and you might find yourself overwhelmed about which one to invest in. Generally, there are so many things to consider when choosing what console to purchase. But, to tell you the truth, I suggest you get Sony’s PS5 among all the other consoles available on the market.

Though there was a news that Sony faced a PS5 console shortage last year, Sony’s president Jim Ryan recently confirmed that said shortage is finally over, and they are happy to announce that the supply issues have been resolved. With that, if you’re planning to get a PS5 now, this is the perfect time to get one. But, if you’re still torn about whether to buy a PS5 or not, let these factors help you decide.

PS5 unboxing
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Why I Highly Recommend Having a PS5 Now

To help you decide if you should buy or not, let these fantastic reasons help you out.

1. The Exclusive Games

You might not need an Xbox if you have a powerful gaming PC. Every Xbox Series X/S first- and second-party game will also be available on PC, with somewhat improved graphics. Microsoft plans only to release games on consoles; thus, popular titles like Halo won’t be available on the PS5.

However, if you have a compatible Smart TV, PS5 will still feature a ton of true and stunning exclusives. Some of these games might someday be made available on PC, but that won’t happen for quite some time. Any game, except for Nintendo Switch-only titles, will be playable if you have a gaming PC and PS5.

PS5 Gran Turismo 7

Here are some of the current and anticipated PS5 exclusives;

2. It Offers 3D Audio Solutions

As an occasional gamer, I still want to achieve the utmost gaming experience every time I play. One factor that affects my gaming experience is the quality of the audio, and luckily PS5 has met my high expectations. PS5 uses an advanced 3D audio solution called Tempest Engine, the only console with it. Nearly every other 3D audio gear maker makes use of licensed audio technology, such as Dolby Atmos. However, Sony has taken it upon itself to create Tempest, a proprietary audio engine.

The Tempest Engine, developed in conjunction with AMD, functions as an independent chip inside the PS5 and is responsible for all aspects of 3D audio. The Tempest engine can produce 3D audio models of video game worlds in the same way that a graphics card can. In the broadest sense, Sony and AMD have essentially developed their own GPU for audio.

PS5 Audio Solutions

Moreover, the Tempest Engine has the processing capability to handle a large volume of sounds coming from diverse locations throughout a 3D environment. Sony has even asserted that you can really sense the location of a single raindrop as it drops to the ground! Further, the major benefit of having an audio engine specifically designed for gaming like that of PS5 is that you won’t have to rely on TV or soundbar audio technology to deliver high-quality game audio. Take note: there’s no need to look for additional hardware to enjoy it fully.

The other good thing about this audio solution is that it is workable with gamers who use headphones, speakers, or even sound systems. Also, you can configure it according to your hearing preferences. Though it takes some time to set it up, it is still worth it, especially if you immensely care about the audio quality while gaming like me.

3. It Provides Game Help

Another reason why you should get the PS5 is that it offers “Game Help.” This feature is highly suitable for gamers who always get stuck in the game. With this feature, there’s no need to browse the internet to find a solution, and you can save loads of time.

In the Game Help option, you’ll access straightforward walkthrough videos made by the devs. Even though there might not be a walkthrough for all games, it is amazing to know that the Game Help feature is available to use even while playing the game.

PS5 Game Help


4. Perfect For Virtual Reality Enthusiasts

If you’re a gamer who wishes to experience something more advanced like virtual reality, you should go for a PS5. Sony has announced that you can still use your old PSVR on PS5, even though it will be limited to some previously launched games.

Recently, Sony has confirmed that some PSVR titles should be anticipated this year. Some of the PSVR games are; Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil 4 (VR Content), Among Us VR, Jurassic World Aftermath, and many more. If you want to maximize your virtual reality experience with PS5 and play the aforementioned games, you can try racking up your budget and opt for a PSVR.

Image Source: PS5 – PS VR2


5. Don’t Miss The High-Speed Expandable SSD

If you’re looking for a faster console, then you’re in the right spot with PS5. According to its specs, the PS5’s solid-state driver is two times faster than the Xbox Series X/S. If you have already used PS4 consoles before, you’ll surely notice the speed difference of the PS5 as it loads five times faster than the old console.

For instance, for the game God of War, the loading speed of this game when booting up from the home screen takes 41 seconds for PS4, while for PS5, it will only take 23 seconds. As for the load saves, this game takes 23 seconds on PS4 and only 19 seconds on PS5. With that said, if you wish to witness some significant loading improvements, it will be worth having a PS5 as your console.

PS5 Expandable SSD

On the other hand, another feature that can help you decide to buy a PS5 is that it enables you to expand your SSD. Though with other consoles like Xbox Series X/S, you can also do it, Sony gives users the freedom to choose their preferred storage size and an advantage to the price when it comes to expanding the SSD storage. Unlike Microsoft, it prefers selling expanding solutions, and it doesn’t offer any different solutions as well. With PS5, you can freely install a third-party SSD, but you have to ensure that it is compatible with your console.

6. You Can Still Play PS4 Games Using the PS5 Console

If you’re thinking about your PS4 games and wondering if you can still play them on PS5, then you better rejoice by now because it’s possible. Yes, you can still play them, and what is more impressive is that you can experience them even better this time.

The fact that many PS4 games will simply run better on the PS5, even if they haven’t been patched to achieve a higher frame rate or resolution, is another element to take into account. You’ll specifically have an easier time achieving the desired performance on PS5. So, if you’re a player who is immensely hooked by The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Shadow of Colossus, and many PS4 games, this is the perfect time to experience them even better by using PS5.

PS5 to PS4 games


7. It Offers a DualSense Controller

One of the main highlights of PS5 is the DualSense Controller. It is a state-of-the-art Sony controller that can elevate your gaming experience to the fullest. You’ll surely notice a significant improvement in your game once you’ve accessed the adaptive trigger when playing racing or shooting games.

What makes the PS5 more impressive is that it offers haptic feedback, which allows you to realistically feel the environment of your game without looking back at the screen. So, if you’re on a rocky or muddy road during a racing game, you’ll really feel it with the DualSense feature of PS5.

PS5 DualSense Controller


PS5 – A Highly Recommended Console To Date

Generally, there are loads of reasons to consider why you should buy a Playstation 5 besides the above-mentioned ones. Though there are loads of available consoles, like Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Steam Deck, and more, I still recommend the PS5. First, it fits my gaming preferences more and, unlike the other consoles, it holds a vast collection of games and exclusives which means I have loads of games to choose from.


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