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Six Multiplayer VR Games You Can Play with Your Friends


The advent of multiplayer VR games brought the gaming industry to new heights. Gaming was more enjoyable than ever because of this newly discovered method of enjoying games by taking part in the (virtual) environment. So, what has surpassed the VR experience, then? Today, it allows players to do a multiplayer mode in such VR games. Indeed, some games allow you to interact with your friends while simultaneously allowing you to exist in the virtual world. We have a sweet spot in our hearts for playing games alone. But there are times when you just want to hang out with friends. By that, you can go on a cooperative adventure or play a multiplayer game to death. Thankfully, joining a VR game with others is simpler than ever.

With that in mind, today we will take a quick overview of six of the best multiplayer VR games. So rally up your mates and check out our list below.

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Learn to fly! Experience the thrill of an aviation battle from World War One in a stunning VR environment. In Warplanes: WW1 Fighters, take to the skies during the First World War. Several settings allow you to customize the game to your liking, regardless of whether you enjoy flight simulators or arcade games more. Experience completely adjustable aerodynamic flying models, ranging from arcades to realism. You can also enjoy additional gameplay-affecting options such as turning on manual takeoffs and landings, hostile AI, deactivating the HUD, and more.

multiplayer VR games

Explore Incredible performance and realism in the graphics. Enjoy Pilot 18 playable aircraft ranging from modest scout aircraft to massive bombers in two campaigns. Each campaign features multiple tasks set in various climes, seasons, and hours. Build a squadron by enhancing and personalizing your equipment. Effectively administer your base, earn medals and increase your talents.


POPULATION: ONE’s distinctive Vertical Combat System offers unmatched vertical flexibility and mobility (VCS). Climb anything you come across to take advantage of the high ground. To unleash a barrage of gunfire from above, fly through the map. The player’s unknown battle areas, among other online battle royale games, are most similar to the gameplay. The player forms a squad with other players. The battle between each party lasts until only one is left standing. The fundamental gameplay is comparable to Fortnite by Epic Games.

multiplayer VR games

Every object, building, and geographical feature seen on the map in Population: ONE can be climbed. From the height they reached, the player can fly across the map. These elements work together to create the vertical fighting system in the game. Create a thoughtful cover to safeguard your team. It’s now simpler than ever to form a team! With crossplay support, battle it out with your pals.


Following a car accident, you must go on foot because the road is closed. You think you hear someone calling out for aid over the speakers, but you’re not sure. Are you prepared to avert the nightmare that the world has become? Your last chance to save humanity appears to be a weird character leading you through the radio. All you have to do is heed his counsel and finish the duties he occasionally assigns you. There are 18 missions to complete and countless hours of gaming to enjoy alone or with your pals.

multiplayer VR games


Real VR Fishing

Do you want to relax in a stunning setting or jump right into a fishing experience? You can unwind in actual fishing locations with true VR fishing while getting a taste of the sport. Fill your aquarium by going fishing and catching a variety of creatures. Different challenges are available in Real VR Fishing for both fishermen and non-anglers. When ready for a true challenge, turn off the UI display.

Enjoy gathering and keeping aquariums for your freshwater and saltwater fish. Decorate your aquariums in a distinctive way. While playing the game, unwind by watching YouTube videos or listening to Spotify.

Clash of Chefs VR

Who can cook the fastest is the focus of Clash of Chefs VR. To please your customers, prepare the food and beverages they ordered. Compete online with other players for the title of the world’s best chef and earn bragging rights. Each kitchen in the single-player mode has around 20 thrilling levels. Deliver in the black to maintain a consistent flow of satisfied clients. Quick reflexes are undoubtedly needed with more complicated recipes.

Image Source: Clash of Chefs VR

Watch the juices splash as you flip the burgers, slice the vegetables, and observe the laws of physics in action. Your prepared meals will, however, be set just neatly on the plates thanks to smart snapping technology. You’ll be inspired to throw stuff at your waiter or even the other chef once you realize how much fun it is to watch buns and dishes fly around.

Reiko’s Fragment

Never again host a dull gathering! The VR player in this VR vs. Crowd game must flee a spooky house, a vengeful ghost, and much worse, their friends who are playing as spirits and have complete authority over the residence they’re trying to flee. By taking turns placing your buddies in a spooky home and directing the scares, you can demonstrate the best of virtual reality. Try to flee as quickly as you can before the ghost catches you in virtual reality. But watch out—she responds to sound, so every action you take might be your last.

There you have it, six of the best multiplayer VR games that you can get today! So what are you waiting for? Grab your VR headsets and start playing. For more fresh and fun gaming news and information, be sure to stay tuned only here on PlayPC!

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