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Summoners Greed Tier List – Dominate Your Battle With the Best Monsters


In Summoners Greed, you dive into an exciting world of hero collecting and role-playing adventure. It’s all about building an epic team of heroes to take on challenges. To get these awesome heroes, you’ve got to try your luck with the game’s gacha system – it’s like opening surprise packages full of powerful characters!

The vast array of unique monsters waiting for you to add to your collection makes Summoners Greed even more thrilling. Each monster brings its distinct abilities and skills, making the game a treasure trove of strategic possibilities.

But here’s the twist – Summoners Greed goes beyond mere hero collection; it’s a game of intricate strategy. As a player, you’re not just gathering heroes for the sake of it; you’re crafting a formidable team capable of conquering any challenge that comes your way. It’s all about selecting the right monsters with the perfect skills to formulate unbeatable battle strategies. Your success hinges on your ability to analyze each monster’s strengths and weaknesses and strategically assemble a squad that can outwit and outfight your adversaries.

Summoner’s Greed Tier List – Rarity of the Monsters

Summoners Greed constantly adds fresh characters with unique abilities to spice up their impressive lineup and maintain an exciting experience for seasoned players. Having been around for more than five years, the game offers a broad range of monsters, and each of these monsters is categorized based on how rare they are. Currently, the game features five distinct rarity levels for its monsters:

Common Monsters

These are the least common monsters you can find in the game. They come with the lowest base attack stats and not-so-great abilities.

Rare Monsters

These monsters are the second least common in the game. While their base stats are average, their abilities are still considered to be in the lower tier.

Epic Monsters

Players covet these monsters because they boast superior base stats and decent abilities that can be quite effective on specific maps.

Legendary Monsters

This is among the most coveted monster rarities, and it’s also one of the hardest to acquire because of its low summon rates. These creatures come with incredibly high base stats and showcase top-tier abilities.

Special Monsters

You can only obtain these monsters during special limited-time events and festivals within the game.

Mythical Monsters

These monsters represent the utmost rarity tier in the game. You can exclusively obtain them through Mystical Summons, with a mere 1% base chance of summoning them.

Summoners Greed Tier List – The Best & Worst Monsters

Much like the typical tier lists you’ll encounter in gaming, the Summoners Greed Tier List categorizes monsters into six distinct tiers, ranging from S to E. At the pinnacle of this hierarchy, we find the S-Tier monsters, celebrated for their exceptional prowess and considered the cream of the crop among Summoners Greed monsters

As you move down the list, you’ll encounter A, B, C, D, and finally, E-Tier monsters, with E-Tier representing the lowest tier, where creatures might be less desirable for advanced strategies. This tier system provides players with a clear roadmap to understand each monster’s relative strengths and weaknesses, helping them make informed decisions when crafting their teams and strategies for the game. So, without further ado, here are the ranked monsters in the Summoners Greed:

Summoners Greed Tier List – S-Tier

Here are the monsters under the S-tier:

  • Zeus
  • Jiraiya
  • Horus
  • Amaterasu
  • Anubis
  • Hellhound
  • Ifrit
  • Arch Arch
  • Slime King
  • Kevin
  • Felina
  • Speedy
  • Mighty
  • Devon
  • Mr. Flamey
  • Draco Indigo Bylle
  • Draco Emerald Dirvy
  • Draco Azure Tyrvoid
  • Draco Crimson Bordir
  • Loki
  • Thor
  • Odin
Summoners Greed Amaterasu
Summoners Greed Amaterasu

Summoners Greed Tier List – A-Tier

Here are the A-Tier monsters:

  • Susanoo
  • Ra
  • Hades
  • Pony Sparks
  • Archimedes
  • Glacial DW
  • Amael
  • Dust
  • Skellington
  • Genbu
  • Miko
  • Sparky
Summoners Greed Susanoo
Summoners Greed Susanoo

Summoners Greed Tier List – B-Tier

Here are the B-Tier monsters:

  • Special
  • Mythical
  • Lighting
  • Puffy
  • Frostbite
  • Deathbite
  • Casielle
  • Ash
  • Magma DW
  • Cheebs
  • Teddy_Evo
  • Infernus
  • Extra Chilly
  • Stacky
  • Omega Mocha
  • Iced Cappucino
  • Flamey
  • Clyde
  • Onmyouji
  • Byakko
Summoners Greed Frostbite
Summoners Greed Frostbite

Summoners Greed Tier List – C-Tier

Here are the C-Tier monsters:

  • Darkwing
  • Ex Pyro
  • Malak
  • Yeti
  • Teddy
  • Pyro
  • Chilly
  • Spidey
  • Jack
  • Slimey_Evo
Summoners Greed Gameplay - Teddy
Summoners Greed Gameplay – Teddy

Summoners Greed Tier List – D-Tier

Here are the D-Tier monsters:

  • Monke
  • Limzard
  • Gabriel
  • Spikey
  • Rocky
  • Mocha
  • Fury
  • Cappucino
Summoners Greed Mocha
Summoners Greed Mocha

Summoners Greed Tier List – E-Tier

Here are the E-Tier monsters:

  • Rudolph
  • Mummy King
  • Chronus
  • Grimey
  • Sluggy
Summoners Greed Grimey
Summoners Greed Grimey

Dominate Your Game Using the Summoners Greed Tier List

In Summoners Greed, the monsters you assemble form the bedrock of your thrilling adventure. Each creature contributes unique strengths to your arsenal, from the most common to the exceptionally rare. Understanding the Summoner’s tier list, which categorizes monsters by their rarity and power, is not just a guide—it’s your strategic roadmap to success.

While some creatures are easily accessible, others require special events and festivals to unlock, igniting your drive to participate. And for the boldest summoners aspiring for greatness, pursuing the highest rarity monsters, with just a 1% chance through Mystical Summons, becomes a legendary quest worth undertaking. So, embrace the tier list, strategize wisely, and ascend to greatness in the captivating world of Summoners Greed!

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