King of Avalon Beginner’s Guide – Gameplay, Tips & Tricks


Immerse yourself in the legendary world of King Arthur with King of Avalon, a captivating multiplayer strategy game set in a fantasy medieval England. This game offers an adrenaline-filled journey, challenging players to build powerful kingdoms, raise and train mythical dragons, form strategic alliances, and engage in epic battles to ascend the throne. 

With unique features like real-time chat translation allowing global interaction, hero and dragon customization for personalized gameplay, and alliance warfare for community engagement, King of Avalon stands out as a truly immersive gaming experience.

Gameplay Basics of King of Avalon

1. Building Your Kingdom

Your city is your power base in the world of King of Avalon. The evolution of your city hinges on your Stronghold, the central building that governs the development pace and upgrade level of other buildings. These include the Farm (for food production), Sawmill (for wood production), Barracks (to train troops), and Dragon Lair (to raise and upgrade your dragon).

Expert Tip: Prioritize upgrading your Stronghold. A higher-level Stronghold opens up advanced features, unlocks superior buildings and troop types, enhancing your city’s growth and military prowess.

King of Avalon Stronghold


2. Completing Quests

King of Avalon provides a broad spectrum of quests categorized into Main Quests, Side Quests, and Alliance Quests. These quests act as stepping stones in your progress, offering valuable rewards such as experience points, resources, and speedups which help in reducing construction and upgrade times.

Expert Tip: Make it a habit to regularly check your quest tabs and complete them diligently. Not only do they provide substantial rewards, but they also guide your city’s expansion and development, ensuring balanced growth.

King of Avalon side quests


3. Recruiting Troops

The Barracks is your hub for recruiting your army. You can recruit four types of troops: Infantry, Cavalry, Distance Shooter, and Siege units. Each troop type has unique strengths and weaknesses, which should be carefully considered when devising your recruitment strategy.

Expert Tip: Strive for a balanced army. An army composed of various troop types allows you to adapt swiftly to different battle scenarios, giving you an edge in warfare.

King of Avalon troops

4. Dragons

Dragons are more than just mythical creatures in King of Avalon; they’re your most potent allies. You can hatch, raise, and train your dragon, customizing its skills and appearance to echo your strategies.

Expert Tip: Consistently upgrade your dragon’s skills. A well-trained dragon can be a game-changer in battles, helping you achieve victory.

King of Avalon dragon


Resources and Their Importance

Resources are the cornerstone of your kingdom’s growth and prosperity in King of Avalon. They are essential for a range of activities, including upgrading buildings, training troops, researching technology, and more. The primary resources are Food, Wood, Iron, and Silver.

Expert Tip: Monitor your resource production closely. Regularly upgrade your Farms and Sawmills to boost production. Keep in mind, having a surplus of resources could make you a prime target for other players, so use them strategically.

King of Avalon inventory


Role of Alliances and Guilds

Alliances are synonymous with extended families in King of Avalon. Being part of an Alliance brings a slew of benefits such as shared resources, assistance with construction and research, and allies during wars.

Expert Tip: Be an active participant in your Alliance’s activities. It not only strengthens your bond with other members but also provides collective defense benefits against potential enemies.

King of Avalon alliance


King of Avalon Tips and Tricks to Play Well

1. Resource Management

In King of Avalon, resources are akin to the lifeblood of your kingdom. They’re pivotal for a range of activities, from upgrading buildings and training troops to researching technologies and more. Efficient resource management can be the difference between rapid growth and stagnation in your gameplay.

Expert Tip: Be judicious in using resource items. It’s tempting to use them as soon as you acquire them, but patience pays off. By holding onto these resources, you safeguard them from being plundered during enemy attacks. It also allows you to have a reserve for urgent needs or extensive upgrades.

2. Leveling Up

In the world of King of Avalon, your stronghold is the heart of your city and the indicator of your progress. The level of your stronghold is a testament to your strategic skills and dedication to the game.

Expert Tip: Keep a builder perpetually assigned to upgrading your Stronghold. This continuous upgrade process unlocks new features, stronger troops, and higher-level buildings, propelling your city’s growth. A high-level Stronghold also enhances your status and power in the game, making you a formidable opponent.

King of Avalon leveling up


3. Combat

Battles in King of Avalon are not just about brute force; they’re an intricate dance of strategy and timing. Your success in battles heavily depends on your ability to strategize and adapt.

Expert Tip: Never rush into battle unprepared. Always scout before launching an attack. This reconnaissance provides vital information about the enemy’s troops and resources, allowing you to formulate an effective attack plan. Knowing your enemy’s strength and weaknesses gives you a distinct advantage in battle.

4. In-game Events, Daily Tasks, and Rewards

King of Avalon offers a dynamic gaming experience with its frequent in-game events and daily tasks. These events and tasks are an excellent opportunity to gather extra rewards such as resources, speedups, dragon EXP, and more.

Expert Tip: Participate actively in these events and complete daily tasks. The rewards you receive can significantly expedite your progress, giving you an edge in the game. Remember, every reward, no matter how small, contributes to your overall progress.

King of Avalon events


5. Advanced Gameplay Strategies

As you progress and become a seasoned player in King of Avalon, you’ll need to delve deeper into the game’s mechanics. Advanced strategies involve focusing on team composition and advanced battle tactics.

Expert Tip: Invest time and resources in researching technologies that align with your playstyle and troop composition. This specialization allows you to maximize your troops’ potential and effectiveness in battles. Furthermore, regular upgrades for your heroes and dragon are crucial to stay competitive in increasingly challenging battles. A well-upgraded hero and dragon can tilt the balance of a tough battle in your favor.

King of Avalon hero composition


Concluding Thoughts on Conquering King of Avalon

King of Avalon is a thrilling game that perfectly intertwines strategic thinking, patience, and insightful decision-making. By meticulously planning your moves and managing resources effectively, you can ascend from a humble lord to the revered King of Avalon. This guide serves as a comprehensive tool for both novices setting foot on their first adventure and experienced players striving to hone their gameplay strategies. Embark on your epic conquest journey filled with glory and triumph. Enjoy your gaming experience and remember – every king started as a beginner. Happy gaming!


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