The Top 5 Best Guns on Bullet Force


By this time, you have probably finished countless missions and walked through various locations in Bullet Force. After all, it is one of the best multiplayer PvP FPS games right now. And like other games, you need mastery on a lot of things to win—missions, arenas, and skills.

Another important factor in Bullet Force are the weapons – particularly guns. You must have both tactical knowledge and skill when it comes to using guns. Plus, you need to know how best they could work in your favor since they are customizable.

There are many varieties of guns that are available in Bullet Force. For those who are new to the game, the choices can be quite overwhelming. Besides, how would you know which of them is the most powerful? It would be great to try them all, but who has the time and patience for that, right?

So allow us to help you out. We have narrowed down 5 of the best guns in Bullet Force. If you are wondering which guns are best used in certain missions and situations, this is the guide for you. So read on to find out more!


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1. MK11: The Sniper Like No Other

Like most high profile guns in the game, MK11 started as an exclusive weapon. However, it was later made available for all users. It is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game. It has a nice fire rate and good headshot abilities which could kill 2 to 3 enemies in a single shot. This gun is considered “handsome” and it sounds like a real gun too. However, it is not great for long-range shooting, because it does not have a zoom capacity.


2. P90: For Uninterrupted Firing

P90, a gold-exclusive submachine gun (SMG), is a beast in terms of fire rate. Boasting an impressive 900+ rpm, it can take up to five enemies at once without frequent headshots. It also has a very large magazine capacity—50 to 65 total rounds—which means that it does not require frequent reloads. With these features, P90 is truly an awesome weapon for hip fire and works best in guerilla-style tactics.

This gun is usually compared with Vectors in terms of stats. However, due to its attachment abilities and accuracy issues, it is considered weaker. Its maximum accuracy capacity declines over time, making it highly unstable during later gameplay.


3. MPX and MP5: For Breaching Rooms in Bullet Force

MP5 is a good submachine gun of choice for enclosed spaces. It is light, easy for strafing, and leaves good damage. However, it has a slow reload speed and a slight recoil, making it a little slow and inaccurate. But this is where MPX comes in.

Compared with MP5, MPX has a faster reload. Its accuracy, even in firing range, hip fire rating, and stability are top of the charts. It is an improved MP5, and is recommended for breaching rooms and clearing corners. However, to be fair, both guns do great damage despite its medium-range capacity. The preference will boil down in your playing style and strategy. 


Image Source: https://bulletforcefps.fandom.com/wiki/Vector


4. Vector: For Close-Quarter Combat

For players who love aggressive gameplay, Vector is the SMG of choice. Offensive players prefer Vectors because of its agile and mobile over-all effect. It makes ambush or surprise kills a very easy task. It is a gold-exclusive gun, but its features are worth it: high hip rate and fire rate, fast reload, and brilliant damage. However, if Vector is not affordable for you, VAL and FAMAS are great alternatives. MPX is also a great replacement, because it is best suited in contained arenas. 


5. AK47: The King in Bullet Force

For many fans, the “AK” stands for “A King” because of its impressive feats. It is capable of killing 3 enemies in a single headshot, that’s why this gun is considered “the king of headshots.” The Ak47 is an assault rifle, meaning it does well in both medium and close-range combat. This is the weapon to beat in terms of high damage and recoil. However, there’s a catch: reduced accuracy. Thankfully, its range is still decent, which somehow makes up for this small “glitch”. Obviously, this has become the most sought-after gun in the game.

Your guns would be one of your greatest weapons throughout the game, but it is still your strategy that will help you survive until the end. There are still a lot of things to consider to become a pro in this game. If I were you, I’d check out Bullet Force, download it on PC, and play the multiplayer shooting war game of a lifetime!

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