The 5 Best Guns to Use on Call of Duty: Mobile


Avid players of Call of Duty would be delighted to know that a mobile version is now available. Call of Duty: Mobile is very much like the PC version of the game. If this is your first time hearing about the mobile game, you can learn more about it here.

Fans of the long-standing FPS game franchise would be delighted that much of the best weapons from the PC version were included in the mobile game. But for those who are new to the game, the gun selection is quite overwhelming. To help you out, we narrowed down the 5 best weapons for Call of Duty (COD): Mobile.


1. AK47

When it comes to the best weapons in COD: Mobile, assault rifles are number one. Weapons in these categories have the best combination of range, damage, speed, and mobility. And when you talk about assault rifles, the AK 47 is one of the best that you can use.

This is because the Ak47 has the highest damage out of all the assault rifles. It also has a decent range and fire rate. The only issue you will have with this weapon is that it has a strong recoil, and it affects accuracy. It’s best to use short burst shots when you’re using this badass. Take note however that this weapon only unlocks at level 23.


2. DL Q33 in Call of Duty

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer to be in the thick of the action and likes to do damage from afar, then a sniper rifle is your best bet. And one of the best sniper rifles in the game is the DL Q33. Fans of COD will instantly recognize this weapon since it’s a staple of the franchise. It has a great combination of range, damage, and accuracy.

The DL Q33 is a great gun for finishing off enemies at a distance. The only issue is that this weapon is hard to control on mobile. So if this one proves to be difficult for you, you may go for the M21 EBR instead. It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, and works similarly with DL Q33.


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3. UL736

Light machine guns are a great option for mid to long-range combat. The UL736 is one of the best light machine guns you can find in Call of Duty: Mobile. It’s not as powerful as the AK-47, but that’s the only disadvantage it has. It is still good enough to do real damage and it doesn’t have recoil, so your accuracy won’t suffer. You just have to wait until you get to level 115 to unlock this weapon. You also have to take note that once you get used to this, it will be hard to go back to using an AK-47.


4. AKS-74U

If close to mid-range combat is your specialty, then submachine guns should be your weapon of choice. The best SMG you can use in the game right now is the AKS-74U. It is an all-around weapon that has decent damage, good accuracy, and a rapid-fire rate. You won’t have problems killing enemies at a distance using this gun. And the best part? It is one of the weapons that you can use early in the game. 


5. Striker

If blasting enemies at a very close range is what you like about COD: Mobile, then the shotgun is the weapon for you. The Striker is one of the best shotguns since it has the best balance out of all the others. It also has a decent range, but don’t let it get to your head. At the end of the day, it is still a shotgun and it’s a weapon that is best used only for close combat. Using this at a distance will put you at a big disadvantage.


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Now that you know which guns are the best in the game, why not head on and play Call of Duty: Mobile now? Try the game out and let us know which weapons worked best for you.