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Happy Glass Tips and Tricks: How to Win the Levels


Take a look at this glass. It’s sad because it’s empty. Are you wondering what can make it smile again? Fill it up with liquid, and it will be happy once more. That will be your job at Happy Glass. This brain-teasing puzzle game features an empty glass that needs to get filled with water. Your work is to draw lines to connect the glass to the water source. This thing will serve as a conduit for the liquid, going to the glass.

In Happy Glass, you will need to find the best solutions. So you need to be creative and think outside the box. Some levels are manageable, and some look easy. But you may be for a surprise once you get started to try them on. If you’re looking for a fun and smart puzzle game, you will love Happy Glass. See if you can score three stars on every level. It’s a relaxing brain teaser that will have you stay on the challenges for quite some time.

Looking for tips and tricks on how to win the levels and score three stars? Here are simple pointers that you can use when you play the game even with friends!

1. Smaller Lines Mean More Stars in Happy Glass

In each level, you get three stars as the highest possible score. If you are wondering how to get the perfect rating, be conscientious of the way you draw your lines—the bigger (or longer) your lines, the fewer the stars you will earn. So try to be economical with your use of lines to earn a perfect score. Less means more for any given level.

2. Use the Appropriate Curves & Angles

At a glance, you will already know where the water will land. So take note of and follow the fundamental laws of physics. Now, when it comes to guiding the water to the glass, you need to use the right curves and angles. Also, consider how the water splashes when it hits the lines. Bearing in mind the first tip, think of sloped lines. Now, there may be stages where you will have to devise other ways of flowing the water. If you’re not sure how will the water flow, you can do a test run. Otherwise, you can reset the level to earn the perfect rating.

happy glass game
Image Source: Happy Glass – Full Unity Project with Admob


3. Create a Balance in Happy Glass

When not secured or supported, your line may drop to the ground upon the first contact with water. This matter happens when you fail to annex it to a supporting structure. In the same way, the glass may tip over when the water rushes to it. So if you’re asking what are you going to do, you need to create proper support for your line to stays in its place. As for the glass, build a stable surface since it is still beholden to physics and gravity.

4. Watch out for the Orange Balls

These orange balls can make your aim more difficult. They roll around, get in the way of the flow of the water, or affect the balance of the glass. They can be very frustrating. So you’ll have to account for them. It may feel awkward at first like a juggling act where you can no control. But you will ease into it the more you play these levels.

happy glass pc
Image Source: Happy Glass – Level 127. 3 Stars Walkthrough


5. Use the Hints Sparingly

Don’t know where to put your line? You can use the in-game hints to show precisely the ideal position of your line. But use these hints casually. They can be expensive and hard to come by once you’re out of them. Make sure to reserve these hints when you reach levels that seem impossible.

6. Watch the Ads Sometimes

It gives you cool rewards when you take the time to watch the ads. It’s like coins that you can use to unlock new hints. You can also even earn free hints. So don’t hesitate to watch those ads. With the goodies you will receive, you get the most out of this beautiful puzzle game.