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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Is Phoveus Worth Acquiring?


One of the new fighters to arrive in the Land of Dawn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is Phoveus the Shadow of Dread. He is a fighter that deals magic damage and has good survivability. Phoveus hero also provides good crowd control, has great mobility, and is an excellent counter against heroes that have blink or dash skills. He was released last May 11, 2021, and was made available for free via the 515 Event.

If you happen to be one of the fortunate ones to participate in the event and acquire Phoveus for free, then great. But if you miss it, then you’ll have to purchase him like other heroes. To purchase Phoveus, you’ll have to spend 32 thousand battle points (BP) or 599 diamonds. Of course, getting a hero for free is different from spending hard-earned battle points or diamonds. With all the advantages Phoveus hero has in battle, you are probably debating if it is worth getting this hero or if your BPs are better spent on a different hero.

Fortunately, we got you covered. This article will provide the good and bad points about Phoveus and provide recommendations on whether he is worth getting or not.
Mobile Legends Phoveus


Why Phoveus is Worth Getting?

In this section, we’ll discuss reasons why Phoveus is a hero that’s worth getting and spending diamonds or BPs on.

He Has Great Sustain

Phoveus is one of those fighter heroes that has great sustainability. His first skill and ultimate skill can provide him with a shield, making him harder to kill. His first skill can provide 550 (+60% Total Magic Power, +8% Total HP) [at max level] worth of shield for three seconds when it successfully hits an enemy. For the ultimate, he can gain 400 (+50% Total Magic Power, +6% Total HP) shield after he delivers a fierce blow to an area upon landing.

The shield gives Phoveus more survivability, especially during team fights. This will allow him to soak up most of the damage, thus protecting squishy teammates in the process.

He is A Great Counter for Heroes with High Mobility

Probably one of the main reasons why you should get Phoveus is because he is a great counter against high mobility heroes. These are the heroes with dash or blink skills. This fighter’s ultimate, the Demonic Force, will activate whenever a nearby enemy hero uses a dash or blink skill. The enemy hero will have a mark on them and Phoveus will instantly teleport to the location of that hero when you activate the ultimate.

Mobile Legends hero
Image Source: Phoveus’ Ultimate will allow him to teleport to enemies who used a blink or dash skills.

The great thing about this ultimate is that it’s not just a 1-time use. Phoveus can continuously use this skill as long as the enemies keep on dashing for up to 12 seconds at the cost of mana. After that, the skill will enter into a cooldown. But a cooldown won’t be an issue with Phoveus since his passive shortens his skills’ cooldown by 1 second every time an enemy uses a dash skill near him.

This makes Phoveus a nightmare for high mobility heroes and is a great counter specifically for the Wanwan hero. It’s important to note that Phoveus ultimate and passive will only activate if the enemy hero who uses a blink or dash skill is within an 8-yard radius.

Reason Why You Should Skip on Phoveus

You can see that Phoveus is a strong hero. But that doesn’t mean he is broken or OP.

He is A Situational Hero

Probably the biggest weakness about Phoveus is that he is a situational hero. If you look at his ultimate and passive skills, they’re built to counter high mobility heroes. If your opponent’s team composition doesn’t have heroes with dash or blink skills, you won’t unleash his full potential. His skills and passive can work on Battle Spells like Flicker, but Flicker is not something that you can really spam.

So, if you’re opponent is not heavy on high mobility heroes, then Phoveus is not a good hero to use. You won’t be able to take advantage of his passive or properly use his ultimate.

Is Phoveus Worth to Get?

Based on what Phoveus can bring to the table, you can see that he is a hero that’s worth it to acquire. Yes, his full potential in a match will depend on how many high mobility heroes the enemy team has. But it’s worth noting that high mobility heroes are usually at the top of the meta, which means they’re often picked. So, he is still a worth it acquisition, especially if you’re someone who is having trouble dealing with high mobility heroes. Just make sure you practice him first and get acquainted with his skills, so you can properly use him in more competitive matches.

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