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The Battle Cats – A Guide To Fighting Close-Ranged Enemies


One of the best and entertaining casual strategy games that you can play is The Battle Cats. Developed and published by PONOS Corporation, it’s a casual side-scrolling strategy tower defense game. Your goal is to prevent enemies from destroying your base while also trying to destroy their base. But it’s not the typical strategy game where you build a base and then command your units to attack or defend.

Troops here will move automatically towards the enemy tower, which means you just have to summon them. Battles usually take place when the troops of both sides are within range of each other. The stronger ones will win and continue moving forward. It’s a simple but very fun and addictive strategy game.

For the most part, you just try to overwhelm your opponents to beat them. But some enemies can be a nuisance to deal with, like enemies with close-ranged bosses. These types of enemies are usually very powerful and can easily kill squishy troops. To help you fight these close-ranged enemies, this article will provide a strategy guide.

The General Strategy Against Close-Ranged Enemies

In general, the best way to deal with close-range enemies is by spamming the cats with high HP. They will basically act as meat shields and will absorb the close-range enemies’ damage. The cats you can use here are the Tank Cat, Cat, Crazed Cat, Crazed Tank Cat, and Boogie Cat. Then you pair them up with long-range cats like the Dragon Cat and Gross Cat.


The Battle Cats screenshot
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But remember, your priority here should be the meat shields. Though they don’t have high attacks, they still deal damage and their high HP gives them high survivability. So spam them when dealing with strong close-ranged enemies and just use the remaining money on long-range cats. Of course, you’ll also deal with different types of close-range enemies and this strategy won’t work on them. There are other ways to deal with them.

Dealing with Different Types of Close-Range Enemies

One of the close-range enemies that you should watch out for is the Shockwave enemies. These types of enemies produce shockwaves whenever they’re attacking, so spamming meat shields is a bad strategy here. It will only result in quick death on your part. Kory is one of the most annoying Shockwave enemies to deal with. To deal with this type of enemy, it’s best you use tanky and strong mid- or long-range cats like Dragon Cat or Paris Cat.


The Battle Cats gameplay
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You use them to deal damage and stall Shockwave enemies like Kory. A more powerful cat, like Bahamut Cat, won’t be a great option to use, unless it’s to finish off Kory. The Crazed Cat meat shield can be used because of its fast attack. It’s also a good idea to use him if there are enemies behind the Shockwave enemy.

Another close-range enemy that you might have trouble dealing with is the Metal Enemies. The Metal Enemies will only take 1 damage per attack, which means it would be pointless to use many damage dealers. One way to deal with Metal Enemies is by using critical hitters. These critical hits will still deal damage to Metal Enemies. Sunny Neneko is a great example. But any cat unit with a critical hit is a viable alternative. Replace your long-range damager with critical hitters to deal with this type of enemy.

Final Thoughts

Though The Battle Cats is a casual strategy game it still requires a bit of planning and strategizing. This is especially true if you’re dealing with certain opponents like close-ranged enemies. This type of enemy requires the right strategy to deal with them, like the ones mentioned in this article. If you properly apply the strategies mentioned here, you won’t have to worry anymore about close-ranged enemies in The Battle Cats.