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X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – A Guide To Achieve a Powerful Team


Last Dec 2020, Glaciers Game did a great job of releasing a fantastic comic-book-style role-playing game called X-Hero Idle Avengers. The devs made sure that the game shares the same perspective as the other RPGs in terms of hero-collecting, idle and card game elements, and more. But, in terms of team building, it will be best to form your team strategically using the X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List.

To effectively play X-Hero Idle Avengers, it will be best to invest in a formidable idle team of heroes that can help you defeat all types of enemies. Generally, a huge collection of avengers or heroes is available in the game. These heroes are classified into six factions; Supermen, Raiders, Warriors, Rangers, Supports, and Mages.

Now, the ultimate question is, who are the best heroes worth investing among the X Hero Idle Avengers Characters? Let the X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List help you out!

X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List – Tactically Assemble Your Team

In X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List, the avengers are grouped into four tiers; S, A, B, and C. And like the typical tier lists, S-Tier heroes are known to be the most formidable ones or sure winners. On the other hand, the C-Tier heroes are the weakest or useless ones.

In this tier list, the X-Hero Idle Avengers Characters are classified according to their respective strengths and weaknesses, regardless of their factions. So, without further ado, here is the X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List;

S-Tier Heroes – The Overpowered Avengers

If you want to ensure your win or increase the chances of winning, you better start forming your team using the heroes under the S-Tier. When it comes to powers, skills, and abilities, no other heroes can compare to the avengers included in this list. However, obtaining these heroes takes work; you can usually quickly access them through special events. Here are the heroes in the S-Tier;

  • God of Sky (Zeus)
  • Orochi
  • God of Egypt (Anubis)
  • Cyber Ronin (Musashi)
  • The God Slayer (Focalor)
  • Goddess of Ocean (Poseidon)
  • Goddess of Life (Life)
  • Wings of Wrath (Logan)
  • Samurai Girl (Toko)
  • Thinker (Michaelangelo)
  • Battlefield Angel (Aphra)
  • Universe Sage (Einstein)
  • Pixel Boss (Ralph)
  • Desperate Crow (Claire)


X-hero idle avengers Desperate Crow
Image Source: X-Hero Idle Avengers Gameplay


A-Tier Heroes – The Highly Recommended Substitutes

As mentioned above, obtaining S-Tier heroes is quite challenging, and you can’t stop your progress just because there are no S-Tier heroes available on your team. If you’re not lucky with the powerful X-Hero Idle Avengers Characters above, you can still dominate the game using the A-Tier heroes. Like the S-Tier heroes, A-Tier heroes have exceptional skills and abilities to help you win battles. Here are the best alternatives you can place in your ultimate team in X-Hero Idle Avengers;

  • Time
  • Electric Arc (Indira)
  • Moonlight Paladin (Julianne)
  • Fury Wave (Pierre)
  • King of Hell (Satan)
  • Succuba (Anna)
  • Nightmare Flame (Eddie)
  • Mother of Swarms (Sally)
  • Iron Giant (Hawkins)
  • Blaze Centaur (Rockefeller)
  • Combat Type (Cui Pan)
  • Saint (St. Matthew)
  • Evil Bot (Domeron)
  • Frontline Striker (Karen)
  • Nine-tail Idol (Park Kyulee)
  • Lady Ivy (Eve)
  • Dimension Runner (Houston)
  • Entropy
  • Abyss Titan (Krooge)
  • Valkyrie
  • Mask Man (Gascoll)


X-Hero Idle Avengers Nightmare Flame


B-Tier Heroes – The Satisfactory Options

If you still haven’t obtained any S and A-Tier heroes for your team, you can alternatively settle with B-Tier heroes. Don’t expect too much from the heroes under this tier, as they are not as powerful as the heroes above. However, you can still rely on them, provided that you use them effectively. Once one S or A-Tier hero becomes available, try to replace one of the B-Tier heroes right away. Here are the heroes under the B-Tier;

  • Storm Falcon (Laura)
  • Mecha Rex (Rex)
  • Queen of Desert (Kloris)
  • Devil Hunter (Van Helsing)
  • Catastrophe (Behemoth)
  • Medusa
  • Mr. Friday (Jetson)
  • God of Maya (Chuck)
  • General of Rescue (Tchaikovsky)
  • Panda Chef (Feng)
  • Firewoman (Surbi)
  • Evolver (Silas)
  • Forest Avatar (Epeius)
  • Space Kong (Camp)
  • Discipline (Christine)
  • God of Love (Cupid)
  • Lady Icy (Jane)
  • Justice Sword (Zorro)
  • Bullfight (Iselow)
  • T-2080
  • Breah Hero (Flore)


X-hero idle avengers Mecha rex


C-Tier Heroes – The Worst Avengers

If the S-Tier are the strongest heroes in X-Hero Idle Avengers, then C-Tier is the weakest group. Using the heroes under this tier is not highly recommended, as they don’t possess any efficiency in the game. But if it happens that you end up with characters from this group, try your best to replace them with more decent heroes as soon as possible. Here are the C-Tier heroes in X-Hero Idle Avengers;

  • Light
  • Galaxy
  • Faith
  • Unlucky Aborigine (Gonibal)
  • Storm Walker (Lucy)
  • Order
  • Master Programme (Alice)
  • Miss USA (Serena)
  • Aurora Blade (Tess)
  • Phantom Sakura (Sakurako)
  • Bio-Werewolf (No.12)
  • Godfather Bot (Kabuba)
  • Brutehood (Barry)
  • Cheetah Runner (Sophia)


x-hero idle avengers Bio-Werewolf
Image Source: Idle Avengers Scroll Summons


Form Your Ultimate Team Using The X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List

So, there you go! This X-Hero Idle Avengers Tier List can assist you in forming your team strategically. Though the game offers a bunch of X-Hero Idle Avengers Characters, it doesn’t mean that all of them are worth the time and effort.

And if you’re looking for more tier lists of your favorite games, then check out more news, reviews, and guides here on PlayPC.

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