Mobile Legends Phoveus hero

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guide – Best Build For Phoveus Hero


One of the newest heroes you can play right now in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is Phoveus. A magic damage fighter that has good sustain, can deal good magic damage, and a great ability to chase enemies. He is also a great counter against heroes that have a dash or blink ability because of his ultimate and passive. He is a great hero to use if your opponents have many high mobility heroes.

But what’s the best build to use for this hero? What items should you equip to bring out Phoveus’ potential fully? What’s the best emblem to use in the game? We’ll discuss all of that in this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guide to provide you the best build for Phoveus.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Best Builds For Phoveus

When it comes to builds, there are actually several good ones available for Phoveus. You can build him as a pure damage fighter, a tank fighter, or a hybrid. Let’s discuss each in this section.

Pure Damage Build

For the damage build, you’d like to start with building Clock of Destiny. This gives you +60 Magic Power, +615 HP, and +600 Mana. You also get additional 5% Magic Power and 300 Mana if you reach the max Passive Time. Aside from that, you’d also want to have a Concentrated Energy, which gives +70 Magic Power and +700 HP. This item will also provide Phoveus Magic Lifesteal and 10% HP recovery after killing enemies. You can also go for the Ice Queen Wand, which provides +75 Magic Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, +150 Mana, and +7% Movement Speed.

This item also provides additional slowness, making it easier to catch enemies. For other magic damage, you can either go for Calamity Reaper for more mana regen, Blood Wings for more HP, or Lightning Truncheon for more Damage. For the boots, you can go for Demon Shoes to help regenerate mana slowly. Plus, Warrior Boots or Tough Boots if you need more defense.

The last item will be a defensive one. You can go for Oracle for more shield absorption, HP regeneration, and magic defense. Then, Brute Force Breastplate for physical defense. Immortality is also a good option for the revive feature. Overall, this build is great for early to mid-game. But in the late game, it will be harder since Phoveus sustainability will fall off, making it harder to survive team fights.

Pure Tank Build

For the Pure Tank Build, you can retain the Clock of Destiny for your damage and just decide between Ice Queen Wand or Concentrated Energy. Both items are good and they will likely depend on how the match will go. For the defensive items, this will depend greatly on your opponent’s team composition. But you can already include Immortality as it provides +800 HP, +40 Physical Defense, plus its Resurrection ability.

Mobile Legends Phoveus build
In-game Screenshot: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Phoveus Build

If your opponents are more geared towards magic damage, then go for Tough Boots, Oracle, and Athena’s Shield. All are magic defense items that can help you survive more. If they’re geared more for physical damage, go for Brute Force Breastplate, Warrior Boots, and Antique Cuirass. However, if it’s a mixed enemy, then keep going for Oracle, Tough Boots, and Brute Force Breastplate. This build will lessen Phoveus’ damage, but it will provide you with more survivability. This is a great option, especially in the late part of the game so you won’t die easily.

Hybrid Build

The Hybrid Build is another good option for Phoveus, providing you with enough damage but also enough survivability. In general, this is the second-best option for Phoveus, next to the Tank Build. For the magic damaged items, you’ll need Clock of Destiny, Ice Queen Wand, and Concentrated Energy or Calamity Reaper.

For the defensive items, this will again depend on your opponent’s composition. If the enemy has more magic damage dealers, then go for Tough Boots, Oracle, and Immortality. If there are more physical damage dealers, then go for Brute Force Breastplate, Warrior Boots, and Immortality. But, if it’s a mixed enemy, then go for Oracle, Brute Force Breastplate, and Tough Boots.

One thing to remember when it comes to builds, however, is that they should be flexible. You need to be able to adjust your build based on the enemy’s composition so you can properly counter it.

Emblem to Use for Phoveus

For the emblem, there are only 2 that will work best with Phoveus and that’s the magic and mage emblem. For the magic emblem, the first talent can either be more HP or more Mana and the second one would focus more on Magic Penetration. The third talent should be Magic Power Surge for the hybrid and damage build and Energy Absorption for the Tank Build.

Mobile Legends Phoveus emblem
In-game Screenshot: Best Emblem for Phoveus in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

For the mage emblem, go for more Agility for the first talent and Magic Penetration for the second talent. As for the third talent, go for the Mystery Shop to reduce the cost of items, allowing you to quickly get your core items easily.

Phoveus is a great hero to use, especially against high mobility heroes. And with the right builds and emblems, he’ll be even more difficult to deal with during matches.