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Blizzard Needs To Turn Warcraft Novels Into Video Games


When you think of Warcraft, you’ll mostly think of video games. That’s not unusual since this is what Blizzard intended to do when they created the brand. But following the success of the different Warcraft video games, as well as the vast world and lore within it, Blizzard also decided to create Warcraft novels. The novels are directly related to the events of the game since some of the tries fill in certain parts of the stories. But some stories can be standalone games, which is why Blizzard should consider turning some of these books into the game.

But why should Blizzard even consider making some of these Warcraft books into video games? What are the possible reasons the gaming could have to create games out of these storylines? And what’s in it for the fans? Let’s discuss more in this article.

Why Should Blizzard Turn The Warcraft Books Into Games?

There are many reasons why Blizzard needs to consider turning the Warcraft novels into video games. And in this section, we’ll discuss some of the most important reasons for using novels as a new video game.

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New Content for the Warcraft Franchise

There has been a lot of content that Blizzard has already created for the Warcraft franchise. This includes video games, books, movies, and many more. But the game developer seems to have stopped producing more content other than for World of Warcraft (WoW). However, that’s understandable since it is one of the largest MMOs in the world. Blizzard would naturally want to focus on the game title that’s driving the revenue for the franchise.

The problem, though, is that Blizzard just focused too much on WoW. There have been minimal Warcraft games released since World of Warcraft. It seems Blizzard has forgotten about its roots and just relied more on the MMO game. But this can easily be fixed by using the Warcraft novels to create a game. Since, there’s already available content and storyline, characters, etc., all the developers need to do is decide on the kind of game they will create.

Will It be a role-playing game or a strategy game similar to the old Warcraft? Whatever direction Blizzard takes, a new game based on the Warcraft novels will pretty much be welcomed.

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The Warcraft Lore Found in the Warcraft Novels

Another good reason why Warcraft would want to create a video game out of the novels is that it contains a lot of Warcraft lore. The novels are part of the entire Warcraft storyline. Some of them play an even more important role since they fill in certain gaps found in the video game’s storyline. So, turning them into games will somehow complete the stories of the video game.

There’s nothing wrong with some of the novels filling the gaps in the game’s stories. But many fans of the franchise weren’t happy that they had to read the continuation or gaps in the game’s story through the novels. So, creating a video game for these novels would make a lot of Warcraft fans very happy.

How Would the Warcraft Fans Benefit from This Development?

For the fans, there are several things that they’ll benefit from having a new Warcraft game. Let’s discuss some of the important ones in this section.

Fans Will Enjoy A New Major Warcraft Game

Probably the most important benefit, if Blizzard did this, is that there would be a new major Warcraft game to look forward to. As mentioned earlier, Blizzard has focused most of its effort on the Warcraft franchise WoW. This means that fans of the franchise didn’t have any newer Warcraft games for them to enjoy or anticipate. So, this will be exciting news for them, especially if this new game will be similar to the old Warcraft games.

So, it would be a good idea for Blizzard to consider creating a new game based on the Warcraft novels. It will raise interest in the franchise once again.

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Fans Can Complete Warcraft Stories

As I discussed earlier, completing the Warcraft story will require you to read some of the novels. Some fans were not pleased with this, as they prefer playing the game instead of reading about them. So, if Blizzard decides to create a new game based on the novel, specifically the novels that filled the story, these players will be happy. They will get to play the story which may be more immersive to gamers than reading.

Even if you’re someone who enjoys reading novels and Warcraft happens to be one of them, you will still have fun playing the story. It would be great to see the actual filler story play out in the new game one by one.

Will Blizzard Create a New Warcraft Game?

It’s hard to tell at this point since the game developer is still focused on providing content updates to the World of Warcraft game. But it would be great if this is something that’s already in the pipeline and they’re working on developing it.


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