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Advance Optimus Provides Amazing On-The-Go Gaming Experience


For PC gamers, having the best hardware for their PCs is always important. They want to make sure their PCs will be able to run even the most hardware-demanding video games available. This is why they’re always looking for the best components and maximize whatever they can offer to have a smooth and awesome gaming experience. Nvidia knows this, which is why they are always coming out with better and more powerful hardware for gamers. Their latest one available is the Advance Optimus.

Nvidia’s Advance Optimus is a component that will allow laptops that use Nvidia GeForce RTX components to deliver faster performance and improve battery life. Simply put, with the Advance Optimus, you will have an amazing on-the-go gaming experience as your gaming laptop will have improved performance. Let’s discuss this further in this article.

What is The Nvidia Advance Optimus?

First, let’s discuss what the Advance Optimus is, so you can understand it better. As mentioned earlier it is a hardware component that will be included inside Nvidia GeForce RTX dedicated graphics cards. It’s an advancement type of hardware that will allow these graphic cards to provide better optimum performance. They do that by allowing the graphics cards to communicate better with the laptop display automatically.

Nvidia Optimus Technology

Gaming laptops always come with graphics processing units (GPU) since this is one of the components that allow them to run video games. Some laptops will also have an integrated graphics unit (IGP) connected to the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). IGPs are used for simpler tasks like browsing the web sending email, etc. While GPUs are used for more demanding tasks, which include graphic designing, machine learning, and so on.

IGPs, though, especially for older systems, will always be connected to the display of the laptop. This can cause a bottleneck when performing graphic-intensive tasks like gaming. This is because when the GPU renders the task, it sends the data to the IGP first then the IGP will send it to the display. This added step causes bottlenecks and slows down the system. But with Advance Optimus, the bottleneck is removed since the hardware disconnects the IGP from the display.

This allows the more powerful GPU to communicate directly with the display. Let’s discuss in more detail how this simple process of disconnecting the IGP to the display can impact your gaming experience.

Nvidia Advance Optimus
Image Source: How Advanced Optimus works


How Does the Advance Optimus Affect Your Gaming Experience?

So how does the GPU, being able to communicate directly with the display, affect your gaming experience? Well without the IGP to stand between the display and GPU, communication becomes faster. The display will also start to rely more on the GPU which will result in refinements in certain aspects of gaming and performance.

In terms of gaming performance, the improvements will be seen in the frame rate when you’re playing. According to Nvidia, the Advance Optimus can increase frame rates by 11% to 27%. In their tests, the biggest improvement was seen when playing the Dota 2 game, as frame rates improved by 27%. Aside from improved frame rates, the hardware component can also optimize battery life.

Moreover, the Advance Optimus also improves system latency. When you say system latency, it dictates how responsive the game is. Lower latency means the game is very responsive. Nvidia showed that the hardware can reduce a game’s latency by up to 22%, improving its responsiveness. This is also with the help of the G-Sync technology, which will allow your laptop to deliver a higher quality display, thus also lowering system latency. This means you experience less lagging when playing your game if your GeForce RTX has the Advance Optimus equipped to it.

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Image Source: Nvidia Gaming Laptops


Which Laptop Models Support Advance Optimus?

Nvidia didn’t provide specific specs when it comes to the laptops that can use the Advance Optimus. But they did say that they currently have over 50 GeForce RTX 30 Series laptop designs. These laptops come with the Nvidia Advance Optimus and are available with their partners from Acer, Razer, MSI, ASUS, Clevo, Dell, HP, Gigabyte, and Lenovo.

Certain laptop models that already come with this hardware advancement include Razer Blade 15 and Blade 17, Alienware x14, x15, and x17, Acer Triton 500 SE, and Lenovo Legion 5 Pro and Legion 7. There are more models available, you just need to visit your local laptop store to verify with them.

Is It Worth It To Get A Laptop with Advance Optimus?

If you are in need of a new gaming laptop, then it would be a good idea to get one with Nvidia Advance Optimus already in. But if you still have a gaming laptop that’s still performing well, then there is likely no need to get a new one. At the end of the day, you only need to replace your gaming laptop if it’s not providing you with the optimum gaming experience anymore.


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