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WWE 2K22 Update – Release Date & What To Expect


After canceling WWE 2k21, the game is going to make a comeback in the form of WWE 2k22. It also comes with the tagline, “It Hits Different”. The latest game was announced at the WWE Wrestlemania 37 last April 10 and 11, 2021. Though many were already expecting the latest game in the franchise, it was finally confirmed during one of WWE’s biggest pay-per-views. But when is the game going to be available and what’s the latest news about it? Let’s discuss more in this article.

Why WWE 2K21 Was Cancelled

To give a short perspective on why WWE 2K22 is an anticipated game, let’s first discuss why WWE 2K21 is canceled in the first place. The announcement of the cancellation of the 2K21 wrestling game came last year during a quarterly investor call. No reason was given for the cancellation of the wrestling game for that year. And at this point, everything is likely just speculation. But a break from the 2K series was likely needed at that point.

The WWE 2K20 was a massive flop, as the game was suffering from poor performance. There are bugs and glitches that keep on plaguing the game. The company was disappointed as expected but remained positive about the future of the franchise. The failure of the 2K20 game could likely have played a role in their decision to cancel WWE 2K21, or maybe the Covid-19 pandemic had something to do with it.

Whatever the reason was, the 2K21 game was canceled. But that’s all in the past, we can now look forward to a new WWE 2K22 game that was already confirmed.

What We Expect From WWE 2K22

In terms of what we want to see from the WWE 2K22, well we’re hoping it’s going to be a way better game than 2K20. This means it won’t be plagued with bugs and issues, which will show that the developers already learned a lot from the previous game. But aside from improvements, it would be nice if the developers would also include some sort of update regarding the latest developments.


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When the game is launched, each wrestler will likely have a rating, with some being rated lower than others. Unfortunately, most of these ratings stay constant within the game. But in the real world, things change. A low-rated wrestler might suddenly become a champion or one of the WWE’s stars. This means that the ratings on the game become outdated.

It would be great if the developers can also update this on the game. It would make it more realistic and at home with what’s happening in WWE. This would make the game more fun and more engaging for the players, especially for avid fans of WWE.

What We Know About WWE 2K22 So Far

Not much information is given about the game, except what everyone has seen from the trailer. For the release date, no final date has been given yet. But it is expected to come out around October of 2021. There’s also a possibility that WWE 2K22 will be missing certain wrestlers that were part of WWE 2K20. This is because there have been many wrestlers that were already released by the company since 2020.

One example would be Braun Strowman, a wrestler who defeated Goldberg and worked with Shane McMahon during Wrestlemania 37. He was let go last April, which means he might not be part of the WWE 2K22 roster when the game is released.

There are many more wrestlers that were let go, so you can expect a different roster from the 2K20 game. Of course, it’s still possible all of them are still part of the game, but there’s also the possibility that they won’t be. Other than that, things are still up in the air and we will likely learn more about the game once more information is provided.