The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs Available In 2021


When you think of a gaming setup, the usual thing that you’d look for is a PC or laptop, mouse, keyboard, and headphones. The other things to complete the setup would seem trivial already. However, a gaming setup can’t be considered complete without a gaming chair. That’s right, a gaming chair is needed to complete your setup. This is true, especially if you’re planning to be a video game streamer.

Unfortunately, gaming chairs are not cheap, especially if you’re going for the more well-known brands. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable gaming chairs available that are also good. In this article, we’ll list down the best cheap gaming chairs you can find in 2021 and why they’re good. So, continue to read on.

The Brazen Phantom Elite

One of the best affordable gaming chairs that you can get right now is the Brazen Phantom Elite. What’s great about this product is that it provides several high-end features but at a more affordable price. This gaming chair comes at full size, a headrest, and an armrest that can swivel. This will allow you to sit in whatever position you want comfortably.


Gaming chair brazen phantom
Image Source: Tech Raptor


The Brazen Phantom Elite also has a good design, so you wouldn’t really think that this gaming chair is a budget chair. It’s also durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down easily. It features a 160-degree recline, can carry up to 264 lbs, and uses PU leather.

The Cougar Explore S

Another great budget gaming chair that you can get is the Cougar Explore S. It’s a very affordable chair, but it also has good features that will make you think otherwise. It has a metal durable construction and uses high-density foam on the seats with perforated PVC leather. This shows that the chair is not only durable but also uses materials that make you sit comfortably on it.

This gaming chair also comes with a 3D armrest that has an ergonomic alignment with your desk. In terms of appearance, the Cougar Explore S also looks decent. It’s a great gaming chair that’s also very affordable. It also features a 90 to 155 degree, can support up to 264.55 lbs, and uses PVC leather.


Cougar gaming chair
Image Source: ThisBytesForYou


The OFM Essentials Racing Chair

If you prefer a gaming chair that looks more like a racing chair, then the OFM Essential Racing Chair should be an option. This gaming chair looks like a racing chair, which makes sitting on it very fun. But aside from the appearance, this gaming chair also delivers on comfort with its mesh fabric, and leather covering.

The gaming chair also comes with a flip-up armrest, which is a great feature. It also comes in several color options, so you’ll have choices. It features a 180-degree recline, leather finish, and has a max capacity of 250 lbs.

GTPlayer Gaming Chair

The last gaming chair on this list is the GTPlayer Gaming Chair. It’s also the cheapest one on the list, but it doesn’t mean it’s the worst one. It covers all of the basics that you’d want on a gaming chair, comfortable seats, leather covering, and an armrest. But one thing that this gaming chair can offer is its heavier seating capacity and a footrest you can fold once done reclining.

Overall, the GTPlayer Gaming Chair is a great budget option if you’re looking for the basics. The added footrest and weight capacity are also good additions. The features of this chair include a 150-degree recline, 300 lbs weight capacity, and PU leather.

There are many more great affordable gaming chairs available out there. But the ones mentioned on this list are some of the best ones that you can find.