Genshin Impact 1.7 Update Release: What to Expect?


Attention Genshin Impact players! Version 1.7 of this open-world RPG game is set to date their most significant update soon. If you are amazed by the latest update of Genshin Impact, this upcoming update is rumored to be more extensive than ones before.

In this coming update, the region of Inazuma will add up to the gameplay along with several inhabitants and new playable characters like Kazuha, Yoimiya, and Ayaka. Kazuha is reportedly the first character from the new region. As for Yoimiya and Ayaka, they are set to join him next month.

This year, we’ve seen that Genshin Impact has already added several new characters to the top spots. As a result, it seems that the rework done in the Spiral Abyss, from floor nine onwards, has made each enemy more challenging to defeat. Added to that, the new region Inazuma will present a new set of monsters and creatures to fight as well. According to reports, these enemies are set to have more health, making it harder for any team to take them down.

genshin impact Kazuha
Image Source: Genshin Impact New Character Demo – Kaedehara Kazuha: Wandering Winds


Release Date of Genshin Impact 1.7

Although there is no final confirmation yet, the famous RPG game will release this big update probably around July 16, 2021. As you might have expected, developers habitually release updates every five weeks, so we might expect this 1.7 version before the middle of July. However, they will reveal everything about the 7.1 update on the official date on July 9, 2021, in a Livestream.

New Characters & Reruns

With the latest leaks of the new Genshin Impact 1.7, it appears that Ayaka will join the force after the said update goes live. Ayaka is renowned as a five-star Cryo sword user and is expected to be an exceptionally powerful character for its several hypes. During the 1.7 Livestream on July 21, they will reveal the characters who unite the character’s banner.

genshin impact ayaka
Image Source: Genshin Impact Character Teaser – Kamisato Ayaka: The Homeward Heron

Also, Yoimiya will be Genshin Impact’s first five-star Pyro and bow user and set to be finer than Amber, reports said. On August 10, Yoimiya’s banner will be placed in motion. It will also feature another new character, a four-star claymore wielding Ameno named Sayu. According to Genshin Impact’s Twitter account, these three characters will be revealed on June 7.

New Enemies

Aside from the new characters, the Genshin Impact’s 1.7 updates will likely introduce a new set of enemies, too. However, this information might be modified as some enemies may not be released until the next update. According to Whale Stat, a Game Youtuber, these enemies from the Inazuma have the ability to teleport. Plus, as mentioned above, will have more health and high resistance.

With these modifications, expect the overall battle to be slow-moving and grinding. Genshin Impact players might end up confused and miss their attacks due to the teleportation ability of the new enemies. As a result, combat will be more prolonged, and characters with consequential physical damage won’t be dealing more damage.

Modification of Abyss Floors

As mentioned before, the Abyss Floors are set to be changed. It makes every brawl more competitive than the older version. From floor five onwards, stronger foes will be included in the adapted enemies and areas.

Genshin impact floors
Image Source: Genshin Impact Abyss Full Guide – Best Strategies For EVERY New Floor

To occur simultaneously with the release of the two new characters, buffs will be given to any Pyro and Cryo characters on Floor 11. Also, with the active low tide effect, Floor 12 will be more tricky as it will be harder to efficiently utilize the player’s abilities.

Upcoming Events

Moreover, according to a relevant leaker, Genshin_Intel, the Genshin Impact 1.7 version will present a four-week event called “Thunder Crash.” In this event, players can trade Crackling Crystal and Storm Sleet for a Free Beidou. Once you’ve got a constellation of six Beidou, you will obtain a five-star glider in return.

New Outfits

Previously, two premium skins were established with the 1.6 updates. They are Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle Outfit and Jean’s Sea Breeze Dandelion outfits. In this upcoming update, however, there are no reports of updates with the outfit system. It will be surprising if this update will feature new skins.

genshin impact outfits
Image Source: Genshin Impact Outfit Teaser: Teyvat Style – Beachside Ballad


Final Thoughts

That’s what we have got for the Genshin Impact 1.7 until now. More sources and information are set to be revealed as the update’s release date gets closer. For more information and news about this fantastic role-playing game and other games, you can check out the game on PC.