Nintendo Switch OLED Update Arrives October 2021: Is It Good?

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There’s going to be a new Nintendo Switch real soon, the Nintendo Switch OLED, according to a news release from Nintendo. The latest console with a 7-inch OLED screen is scheduled to launch on October 8, 2021. The suggested retail price for the console is $349.99. This latest model will give people another option on where they will play the vast library of games available for the switch.

But is this new OLED console any good? Is it an upgrade that makes the Nintendo Switch more fun to play? Or is it just an unnecessary upgrade that just adds a bit of aesthetics? Let’s discuss more in this article.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model

The new model will have a similar size and build to the current consoles. But what’s different is that it will feature a larger 7-inch screen. The screen is also OLED, which promises to provide more vibrant colors with sharp and crisp contrast. But the larger screen that provides vivid images is not the only new thing with this console model. It also comes with a new wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode and a new dock with wired LAN.

The Nintendo Switch OLED also comes with 64GB internal storage and enhanced audio for a better gaming experience. The new model still offers the features that people loved with the Switch, like the ability to play it on TV. You can still detach the Joy-Con controllers on both left and right sides, and you can still take the Switch OLED on the go. Let’s now discuss if the latest OLED screen really provides a better gaming experience.


Nintendo Switch OLED screenshot
Image Source: Nintendo


The Switch OLED Performance

You might think that the 7-inch OLED screen is just something that is just bigger and nicer than the previous Switch consoles. But according to an article from The Verge, it’s more than just a bigger and nicer screen. The OLED screen does provide a noticeable increase in contrast when you’re playing and you can definitely see brighter and vibrant colors.

You will clearly see the big difference that the Switch OLED has over the older Switch consoles. It will definitely enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to better appreciate what your game has to offer. But the screens aren’t the only pleasant thing about the Nintendo Switch OLED. The wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode also performs really well. This is a welcome improvement, considering how bad the kickstands were in the previous models.

You will also enjoy the enhanced audio, which provides loud and clear sounds when you’re gaming. This makes playing on the Switch so much better. You won’t need to even use headphones just to properly hear the game. You can see from all of these improvements and added features that this Switch OLED is so much better than the existing ones and justifies the suggested price tag for it.

Final Thoughts

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model does not just come with a bigger and nicer screen. The 7-inch OLED screen greatly improves the gaming images you see. You’ll see sharper contrast and more vibrant colors as you play, which will enhance your gaming experience. Add in the improved audio and you’ll have a better and more enjoyable time playing on the Nintendo Switch. The improved kickstand is also a welcome adjustment.

It properly supports the console, making it less worrisome to use it and place it on a tabletop. Overall the Switch OLED is a great upgrade that provides a better gaming experience. And if you haven’t purchased a Switch yet and are looking to get one, then you should just wait for October 8 to get the Nintendo Switch OLED.