New Tamagotchi Smartwatch Brings Back 90s Virtual Pet Simulation

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One of the fads that many kids enjoyed in the 90s is the Tamagotchi. It’s a small electronic device that introduced an on-the-go virtual pet. It’s just like any other pet where you need to feed it, bathe it, play with it, and so on. Sadly, like with all fads, it didn’t last long. But Tamagotchi is making a comeback for its 25th anniversary. This time as a smartwatch, according to a video trailer from Bandai.

This latest smartwatch will allow you to have your own virtual pet strapped on your wrist. But what will this latest virtual pet look like? Will it offer new features or updates? And what other features does this smartwatch have? Let’s take a look.

The Tamagotchi Smart Virtual Pet Smartwatch

Looking at the trailer video, you can see that this latest Tamagotchi will not be the same as the ones kids enjoyed when it first debuted in November 1996. Instead, you will get an improved version where the graphics are much better. Vibrant colors are added, and a touch and voice function are also present. There are also many cute characters available, as well as new items. giving you plenty of options for your virtual pet. And best of all, it’s easier to bring it anywhere since it’s now a watch.

According to a report from Kotaku, the new smartwatch is being named Tamagotchi Smart. And the added touch function will now allow you to pet your character anytime you want. The voice recognition command is also a great addition that allows you to talk to your character and then wait for them to chirp back. But since it’s still a virtual pet, you still need to take care of it like with the old Tamagotchi.


Tamagotchi Smartwatch preview
Image Source: BANDAI


This includes feeding it, playing with it, cleaning it up when it makes a mess, and giving it medicine when it’s sick. You can also give it various items as treats or toys and with the addition of more items, you’ll have plenty of options now. Of course, this is still a smartwatch, which means there’s still a digital clock, a pedometer, and connectivity features.

As for how long the smartwatch will last, an official FAQ Page for Tamagotchi Smart puts the battery life at up to 30 hours in play and sleep state. This means you can expect your smartwatch to function properly for a full day before you will need to charge it.

When is the Release Date of Tamagotchi Smart & How Much Is It?

According to an article from Gizmodo, the Tamagotchi Smart will be available in Japan on November 23, 2021. It will cost about ¥7,468.46 ($68). But you would have to enter a lottery first held last June 17 to July 2 to be able to purchase the smartwatch. This means that stocks for the Tamagotchi Smart are limited. There’s also no mention of when the smartwatch will become available internationally.

Final Thoughts

The original Tamagotchi introduced and popularized virtual pets to the world. It was a big hit in the mid-90s as almost every kid wanted to have one. It was so popular that it led to a spin-off anime series, video games, and even a movie. So, the return of the popular virtual pet toy with Tamagotchi Smart will likely be met with great nostalgia and excitement for many of the 90s kids. And with its improved features, it will also likely attract the younger generation and give rise to another craze.